TV… The Asylum Mockbusters (1997-) (TV MOVIE)

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Oh hell yeah, some Hollywood big names do Mockbusters…


Possibly co-starring with a dinosaur, a shark, a 1980s star or a celebrity sibling. Or all three.


Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! Official Extended Trailer (2015) – Sci-Fi Action Comedy HD, Movieclips Trailers


The Asylum movies first appeared on the scene in 1997 and were founded by David M Latt, David Rimawi and Sherri Strain.  These films had a blockbuster inspired plot but had an obviously cheaper budget and special effects.  Mockbuster plots were close to the blockbuster, they were loosely based on such as Transmorphers (2007), The Day the Earth stopped (2008) and more recently Lord of the Elves (2012).

These films never were released in the cinema and initially were often released on DVD, soon after the cinema release of the blockbuster it mocked. So, some advice before you go and rent a DVD  – say for example the new Avengers movie – take the following precautions…

  1. Read the full title of the movie carefully. Read it again if you are not sure.
  2. Read the blurb on the back of the box, if Thor has to help kill a shark – it is probably an Asylum movie.
  3. Continuing in this vein, how many heads does the shark have and what size is it? If it has more than 1 and it’s a mega one – you guessed it, it is probably an Asylum movie.
  4. Look at the cast and if you recognise the surname, check the full name at home so as not to confuse Alec Baldwin with his brothers. If it says “Film Stars Scarlett Johansson’s Twin”, sorry but it’s her twin brother…with twin and ‘s in tiny font.
  5. Do your homework and know your 1980s stars from both the music world – such as Debbie Gibson and Tiffany – or films of that time, especially the Brat Pack ones – eg Judd Nelson. C. Thomas Howell and Anthony Michael Hall.

Lately, The Asylum appears to have become more tongue in cheek, a bit like the Airplane!  film of 1980 and its sequel two years later. However, the Asylum films have improved but their special effects can be repetitive but fun. The films now often have more well known, even current actors.

These include David Hasselhoff in the Sharknado films – aka Knight Rider (1982-86) – and 2010s Machete aka Danny Trejo in Three-Headed Shark Attack (2015). The Sharknado series are in particular is reaching cult status, and have so far released a spawn of at last count 4 follow-up movies with one of these in the pipeline. 

The mega question is however if – as my Darlin’ Husband suggested – Ed Wood was around today, would he have written and directed Asylum movies? And if he did, would it be the now legendary Bela Lugosi or one of his elder siblings that would have been approached first for a part….? Methinks, Lugosi would have done it himself.


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15 thoughts on “TV… The Asylum Mockbusters (1997-) (TV MOVIE)

  1. This genre is not appealing to me but, reading the comments, I should definitely give it a go (especially Sharknado if I understood :p )

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  2. Can’t say this genre is particularly my cup of tea either, but perhaps I should give one a chance, just to check…

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