And One More Makes Four!


It’s another Liebster Award…


I will try not to go Sally Field about this!


“You like me!” , Xavier Borderie


I don’t need to tell you all about the Liebster awards – but if you not heard about them you can read my previous post. It’s HERE if you interested so click to find out about the rules and my nominated blogs. So in this post, it’s just a thanks to my nominator and then answer their questions..

So would like to thank Mantas Man over at Photo Geeks for nominating me. Here’s the answers to your questions (in bold type), with my answers in normal type.


Who/ which person inspired you to start blogging? My husband encouraged me for ages and set the site up for me. I first wrote on it after seeing the film Love & Mercy, and it was so inspiring I had to write about it.

How do you get images for your blog? I searched Flickr for the exact picture I wanted as the profile picture.. was superhappy when I found one.

Do you like photography? I do but I’m not that good at taking photos.

Which camera do you own (maybe just using smartphone,- which)? A very old digital camera…

Which camera brand do you prefer? Don’t know much about whats good and what isn’t tbh.

Where do you buy your camera gear and accessories (lenses, tripods and etc) online? Probably would buy on the internet, I live in Finland and items really expensive to buy here.

What is your goal (about blogging) for this year and in the future? Would like something published or get a work from home job or internship doing these sort of reviews…

How often do you blog and how long it takes you to write one blog post (let’s say 500 words)? About 3 to 4 times a week, timing depends on the type of review and the subject. Usually about a couple of days.

Where do you usually like to blog/write content (like laying on sofa, eating snacks in the kitchen, travelling with train/metro and etc.)? At home with my hubby so I can check details if I need to.

How do you promote content online and which stream is best performing? I share it on Facebook and Twitter pages, Facebook is good for promoting posts for women, Twitter for men..

What was the most successful day of your blog post (traffic spike/ sales/ subscribers and etc.)? I reposted my Outlander review and got 118 people reading it and about 6 or 7 of Outlander groups retweeted it.

Are you following other bloggers (write at least 3)? Yes, three of my current favourites are Vinnieh, LeBeauLeBlog and OurRachBlogs.


So enough about me… thanks again for the nomination.

Love your (spoiler -free) thoughts...

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