Over 10,000 hits! Thanks xxxx


So you’ve done it, I’ve now got over 10,000 hits on this blog!


A big thanks from wee me.



What can I say apart from thank you to all of you. Those who have read one or more blog entries, whether you’ve read it via WordPress or social media. A thanks to you’ve read my gitterings about Dallas to Outlander and from Alan Rickman’s films to The Asylum Films. You’ve supported my blogathon and my entries in your blogathons too.

You’ve liked or shared these posts on social media and your support has been tremendous. I never thought that I’d have the support of all you lovely people, the many, many film reviewers and podcasters via Twitter or some random celebrities following me… or liking or commenting when I’ve commented to them randomly or sent my review! Thank you!!!

So as a wee thanks I’d love it if you can add a film you would like to see reviewed here and I’ll do my best to review it. And of course last by no means least, I’d like to thank my darlin’ husband for encouraging me to do my blog in the first place, reading all my reviews and putting up with my hamster like squealing when a celebrity comments or likes my tweet.

Thanks again y’all

love the Realweegiemidget Reviewer,

Gill xxx


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