A Happy Christmas 2016


Hoping my Realweegiemidget Review Readers have a great Festive Holiday …


It’s nearly Christmas Day and 2016 is almost over.


So I’m sending you just a wee message from me in snowy Finland and wish you my darlin’ readers and followers a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year. I hope you’ve had a great year and you are having a wonderful time whatever you are doing over the festive time.

It’s been a fantastic year and my first full year as a blogger, and my little band of followers from has increased by hundreds. Thanks for taking the time to read a post or to like it. Also for joining in discussions and polls, and without sounding like a cliché, all your contributions are valuable. Additionally a special wee thanks for my four Liebster Award nominators who gave me a wee boost for including me in your award list.

I’d also like to thank my fellow Entertainment bloggers for letting me join and inviting me to their blogathons, been great to see some new movies and watch some old favourites again. Been just lovely, for this new wee blogger from Scotland to join you in celebrating films and actor’s work in these posts. Thanks for joining and reading about my Darlin’ Dallasers blogathon.

Those of you following me here, on Facebook or Twitter and you (and I) will be amazed to learn that you’re following me along with the likes of the lovely Joan Collins and Zach Galligan. And that maybe a post you liked was also liked by another star. I’d also like to thank Scott Kyle, the actor and a fellow Scot, for my wee recent interview with him and please do contact me if you are in the Entertainment industry and would like to be featured on this blog. Also do add any entertainment review requests and I’ll try my best to write a review for you.

Over this year, I’ve seen lots of films and TV. Admittedly, my book reviews haven’t increased much, as I’ve last year’s autobiography haul and that includes Linda Gray’s autobiography to finish. So my New Year’s resolution is to not only finish and review Linda’s book, but to read and review the others too. Saying that there’s been a lot of great films to watch and review this year!

So finally what to expect from me next year, more book reviews, more interviews and bloggers, my entry to your blogathon. Also more collaborations with the lovely 80s Reboot Overdrive podcast and the newly formed 80s League guys and gals. It’s great to be part of this great 80s group. There’s also a lot of movies coming out in 2017 – including Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (yay) – and box sets still to watch – no spoilers for the last season of Mad Men please! And now I’ve got a certain media streaming service at home there’s so much more to review. Also expect another Realweegiemidget Reviews blogathon announced very soon on a completely different topic and… I’ll be adding my next post on Boxing Day so until then…Merry Christmas!!!!

Movies in 2016 – Mashup Movie Trailer, Andrew Rivard, ww.youtube.com

8 thoughts on “A Happy Christmas 2016

  1. Merry Chritmas to you and yours Gill. 🎄 Yup know I am one of your fans. Next year’s blog sounds so exciting. You have accomplished more than a blog. I love the way you are constantly evolving your writing in so many genres and mediums. Stay warm, and have a wonderful New Year!🎊🎆 xx

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