BLOGATHON… Here’s Jack Blogathon Update


Here’s Jack Blogathon : The update…


Jack Nicholson will be 80 soon, so celebrating it here on Realweegiemidget Reviews with a not so wee blogathon.


Top 10 Jack Nicholson Performances, and pictures from Warner Bros Pictures and United Artists respectively.


The Here’s Jack Blogathon is almost here along with the Birthday Boy’s 80th Birthday. So many of you wanted to join (29 at last count) that the blogathon is now running for 3 days starting on Jack Nicholson’s birthday on the 22nd of April. So if you entered do check the schedule HERE so you know when good to send me your link.

Being the Jack Nicholson fan I am – but not in a creepy stalker kinda way – I’m looking forward to reading all your entries. There are a lot of entries to look forward to from the start of his career onwards. Just to name a few of his films – that I reviewed earlier – there’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), As Good As It Gets (1997), Mars Attacks (2006) and Terms of Endearment (1983). I’m looking forward to reading what my lovely participants make of these movies. I also am looking forward to reading lots, lots more on Jack’s other roles in films…

There are still some films up for grabs and still time to enter with the only rule being only two duplicates. Also, you can include Jack’s TV appearances too or even go more random such as talk about his many Oscar speeches or anything else Jack Nicholson related. It’s up to you. All I ask is that you pop one of these banners on your site and send me your suggestion. I’ll message you back with the day to send your link. It’s that easy!

So if you still stuck for ideas, check out the above video or click on this link for a list of all Jack’s movies to date. And don’t forget to check the list of available titles HERE to find out which don’t have duplicates yet!

See you soon with Day 1 of what I hope will be a fitting Birthday tribute to this wonderfully versatile Oscar Winning actor…






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