What We 2 Reel Quirky Cats Are Up To…


Introducing the 2 Reel Quirky Cats…


A post from Thoughts All Sorts in normal type and ad-libbed in bold by me.



Well, I guess it is about time we reveal what we’re up to. It all started one dark and stormy night  one normal afternoon when Realweegiemidget and I (Thoughts All Sorts) happened to be sharing comments around our guilty pleasure confessions.

We’d previously shared a mutual appreciation of Leonardo DiCaprio (as girls do) But then guilty pleasures are a different matter...

Tentatively at first, testing the embarrassment waters and then more confidently – it dawned on us…we all have those films we watch because…we like them no matter how low the ratings or general opinion.

Confessing to liking these films is embarrassing as turning up at a Star Trek convention as Princess Leia.  And after sharing a few of our more obscure guilty pleasures, we found some new films to check out.

Or those actors and actresses we’ll watch in anything, and we mean anything (I am so guilty of that..

..and she’s not the only 1!).

We know for a fact you do too. Come on…admit it. You know you want to.

Bring ’em on. All those film previews, be they the oldies or the newbies. Doesn’t matter. We’ll give you the trailer, a wee summary of the plot and a brief review from each of us (which you can find both here and over on Thoughts All Sorts‘ blog via links we’ll conveniently provide).

First under the spotlight on 20th May is my choice (with Thoughts all Sorts confessing her guilty pleasure in another guilty pleasure themed review soon. And, if you’ve any film previews you want us to review, send us a comment on our WordPress pages or a direct message on Twitter.).

Here you go:


Oh? Sorry. We forgot to have someone backstage to open the curtain. Drat. You’ll have to wait a teeny tiny bit longer. Until then, let us know which one we should pick for June or better yet, add your own.

Don’t be self conscious. Don’t feel judged. We’ll share ours so feel free to share yours. Nobody will think any lesser of you. In fact, who doesn’t like some swooning over the films we secretly love?


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