2015 Fantastic Followers


A Big Thanks To Y’all!


So it’s just a little gitter and a big thanks from this wee reviewer.



As I’m going all Oscar mode, with Leonardo of course – Thoughts All Sorts is probably shaking head by now –  I’d like to thank you all for reading my posts as I’ve had 26,590 hits too.

Also a thanks my fellow bloggers for letting me gitter on their fabulous blogathon subjects. Such as the  Our Favourite Tearjerker Films and The Favourite Film and TV Homes Blogathon. Or even inviting me to their wee celebration of all things about somebody famous. I am now a staunch fan of John Garfield, thanks to the John Garfield Blogathon.

Thanks to all the blogathon entries for talking all about Jack Lemmon films. This blogathon letting me discover the wonderful Airport 77 (1977). It was also fun to discover that previously unknown Bette Davis film Burnt Offerings (1976) thanks to Second Annual Bette Davis Blogathon. Not forgetting Starcrash (1978) – thanks to Sean Munger. Thanks also for the tag (and retags) too – you know who you are.

Also a huge thanks to Dave at 80s Reboot Overdrive for asking me to write for him in the 80s League, it’s been a joy. But happy to know we are now The Banzai Retro Club. I’m looking forward to our collaborations and writing for both the site and the crossover.

Also a big thanks to Cat from Thoughts All Sorts for our newish collaboration 2 Reel Quirky Cats. It’s so lovely to collaborate with you and you are a great friend and kindred spirit. Thanks to Shenanigans and EmmaKWall for their guest posts, and looking forward to your Horror preview in October Barry P.

Thanks for your lovely comments and support from you all especially Cat, Vinnie and Paul S and for your crazy discussions. vinnie, To The Bone has another dishy Keanu doc. Thanks for joining my blogathons and this year I LOVED all your film reviews on Jack Nicholson.

Expect news of an upcoming blogathon very soon. Ruth at Silver Screenings, I hope you taking note.  Thanks for those of you who supported me recently when all my comments ended up in your spam. Please all of you please check if you haven’t as there may be a Realweegiemidget comment awaiting your approval..

Finally to the non bloggers amongst you thanks to my random readers, friends and family for supporting me as I write my blog. Especially my Darlin’ Husband, and editor thanks so much for your love, support and putting up with some of my crazier film (and TV) viewing.

Love Gill at Realweegiemidget Reviews x


9 thoughts on “2015 Fantastic Followers

  1. Ha ha – clearly you know me too well by now…”Thoughts All Sorts probably shaking head by now”…as I saw the pic of Leo I was grinning.
    Congrats on your achievement! Here’s wishing you many more follows and lots and lots of posts. And many more cheeky comments.
    You rock!

    Liked by 1 person

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