2 Years and a few days a Blogger!


Been blogging for 2 years at time of writing…


So for all those who thought my gitterings would run out after a year…




I’m happy to announce that this blog is now just over 2 years old. It’s shocking how time flies and this last year it certainly has. Possibly partly with my joining on average one blogathon every week. And watching and rewatching some fantastic films, TV and.. OK I still have to get back into those book reviews (and more).




And that’s where you can help if you have anything entertainment-themed be it a biography, autobiography or a film tie in book. I’m happy to read it and review it. Equally, if you are in the entertainment industry and want me to review your film, TV or that wee novel / autobiography you wrote between movies, just send me a private message via my contact me page HERE... I also review anything else entertainment-themed…be it PlayStation 4 games or merchandise.

I  would also like to thank you all who in reading, commenting and sharing my posts have made this blog a success for me. You have been amazing I’ve now 1,500+ readers on Twitter which I am truly happily surprised at.


More thanks to my lovely collaborators in Banzai Retro Club and Cat from 2 Reel Quirky Cats. I’m looking forward to my first joint blogathon with this lovely blogger. I have another joint blogathon to be announced soon so watch this space. But if you’d like to join me and Cat from November 12th, click for details HERE on that Then and Now (Now and Then) Blogathon…

The 80s League has now become Banzai Retro Club with our first collaboration HERE. This is in a post about the first movie that scared us. I’m looking forward to more members joining us with their posts.. so you guessed it message HERE if you are interested and I’ll forward your details…



Finally a big huge thanks to my Darlin’ Husband for his never-ending support and love who made this all possible, ie give me a kick up the arse to start blogging. This thanks extended to you, my readers and supporters. Also, thanks to those of you who have be it in blogathons, in comments or by liking posts – continued to encourage me… so let’s see if my gitterings make it to 3 years (and beyond)…



11 thoughts on “2 Years and a few days a Blogger!

  1. Congratulations! Happy 2nd anniversary Gill. I love your blog. Thanks for all your support and friendship. Here’s to your 3rd anniversary. 🙂

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