BLOGATHON… My Then and Now Blogathon Update


An update on the Then and Now (Now and Then) blogathon, but love some last minute entries…


Calling film, TV and book bloggers for the Then and Now (Now and Then) Blogathon.



In less than 12 days here and on Thoughts All Sorts, 25 wonderful bloggers will be sharing their posts in this exciting blogathon from the 12 to 15 November this year. The blogathon is all about the THEN and Now (and Now and Then) with some wonderful actors, actresses and films being reviewed by some fantastic blogging folk.

But we are welcoming not only blog posts but podcasts and not just film and TV bloggers as book bloggers are welcome too…

But remember it’s here on Realweegiemidget Reviews that I’ll be collecting all your links for your THEN posts, and Cat from Thoughts All Sorts will be collecting your NOW post links…

We’ve had a wide variety of choices. These including some cartoons and some Oscar winning actors and these subjects can be duplicated. But not the then and now choices. We are ALSO accepting recycled posts but only if they haven’t been added to a blogathon before. Just two entries (four posts) each maximum.

If you’ve just joined us today, you are still welcome to join us. Click HERE to find out who’s doing what so far… then send me a post on your choices! Here’s a wee recap of the rules… more details on this the original post, HERE.

Select either

  1. an actor or actress and review two movies in which they appeared OR;
  2. a director or producer and review two movies they directed or produced OR;
  3. a film or tv series which has been rebooted or remade and review those.

BUT there needs to be at least a 20 year age gap between the two films/tv series being reviewed. Or if you are reviewing a book then there must be a 20 year gap between it’s publication and its remake into a TV Series or movie.

AND…there’s more:

  1. The reviews/posts need to be separate i.e. one review/post for the THEN choice (the earlier choice) and a separate review/post for the NOW choice.
  2. The THEN review/post link must be sent to Realweegiemidget Reviews and the NOW review/post link must be sent to Thoughts All Sorts. We do require two reviews/posts i.e. if you only send one review/post we will deem the Blogathon requirements not met and won’t post it. So…we need to have both a THEN and a NOW review/post. Please send these to us within a few minutes of each other so we can keep track.
  3. No need to match up your reviews/posts…just send the relevant one to the relevant person and we’ll do the matching and linking and all that jazz.
  4. We will allow duplicate actors/actresses/directors/producers BUT not duplicate films. Example: we will allow duplicates of say, Leonardo DiCaprio, but not duplicate NOW and THEN films he appeared in.
  5. Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts will link to each other’s sites during the Blogathon days as well as the recap. We will keep these updated as entries come in throughout the Blogathon.
  6. Due to us having to match up posts, we ask that you restrict entries to a maximum two sets/pairs of NOW/THEN combinations so we don’t lose track.
  7. Remember….the age gap between the THEN and NOW selections must be at least 20 years e.g. 1978 and 1998.
  8. Add one of the THEN banners from me, and a NOW from Cat and add them to your blog and posts.
  9. Have fun and be creative!


Any other queries please feel free to ask either me or Cat… so get creative and make the most of this for your chance to moan about that awful original or enthuse about the wonderful remake. Or vice versa! Or gitter on about your favourite movie stars best films made more than 20 years apart.

And submit both your reviews on the same day but on any of the blogathon dates.. and we’ll be doing a wee recap after the blogathon ends! And here’s the banners made by the talented Thoughts All Sorts…






CLICK HERE, to join Thoughts All Sorts NOW page… Oh, and make sure you grab a banner below for your THEN post and head on over to Thoughts All Sorts for the corresponding NOW banner.




6 thoughts on “BLOGATHON… My Then and Now Blogathon Update

  1. I will be doing a comparison of two Frankenstein films soon, the 1931 and 1994 versions, but sadly I’ll probably be doing it as one post, comparing them both to the book – my bookish readers tolerate the occasional film review from me but are quite likely to go on strike if I give them two in the same week! Hope the blogathon goes with a bang though – you’ve got loads of interesting looking entries! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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