BLOGATHON… Welcoming the Then posts to my Then and Now Blogathon!


Welcoming you to the first day of my Blogathon with Thoughts All Sorts…


Going back at least 20 years for some earlier appearances of your favourites.



It’s Day 1 of 4 days of my blogathon with my Quirky Cat in crime, Cat of Thoughts All Sorts in our first joint blogathon. For the next four days, we’ve some fabulous posts from some wonderful bloggers who looked at the work of actors, actresses, or films in both a then and now post, so you lucky readers get 2 posts for each one entry in just the one blogathon.

My posts listed here are all relating to the earlier films all made at least 20 years prior to the posts listed by Cat. Do remember we’ve another 3 days so CLICK HERE, for all the blogathon details as it’s not too late to join us! This is so as we can link to those all-important NOW posts to THEN posts. Any posts sent after 7pm GMT will be published the following day.

For the first day, we have some great reads for you on some of those movies from as way back as 1921 and as recent as 1995. We’ve some great stars from their then days… including Tom Hanks, Charlie Chaplin and Robert Downey Jnr and Movies like The Karate Kid (1984).

So get into your time machine, be in a car or a hot tub as it’s going to be a fun ride…. so CLICK on the movie title you want to return to and let’s go back in time…


Movie Movie Blog Blog kicks off the fun by taking us back to Charlie Chaplin’s early film appearance in The Kid (1921)…


Glenn’s Movie Mumblings continues the blogathon with his short but sweet review on Apollo 13 (1995) for an earlier role for Tom Hanks…


Movies 101 tells us more about the original The Karate Kid (1984)…


What the Craggus Saw shares his views on Leslie Nielsen in Forbidden Planet (1956)…


Shameless Pile of Stuff tells us more on Independence Day (1996)…


Taking Up Room takes us to The Shop Around the Corner (1940) …


Don’t forget to read the great now posts by our lovely bloggers which are listed here by Thoughts All Sorts HERE…. with her links to those now posts with Charlie Chaplin in A Countess from Hong Kong (1967), Leslie Nielsen in Naked Gun (1988), The The Karate Kid (2010) reboot, Tom Hanks in Sully (2016), You’ve Got Mail (1998) and Independence Day : Resurgence (1996)

Don’t forget to tune in regularly here for updates and there will be more tomorrow for some fabulous posts!

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