BLOGATHON… My Then and Now Blogathon Final Posts


The Last Posts of the THEN and Now blogathon…


Until the recap its goodbye to the blogathon from me!



As a few of you posted after the 7pm GMT cut off, here is my final post – and definitely the last post of this blogathon – before the final recap next week. And I’m awaiting a few more posts – this includes those of my lovely co-host, Cat – so you’ll have good company… will be adding these posts as I get them from you or Thoughts All Sorts.

This post was added especially as I’ve found the Time Zones can be ultra annoying and I’m sure you have too! Here’s the other blogathon days if you want to read more of my and others bloggers Then posts with a link to Thoughts All Sorts.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

and Day 4

And now here’s the final posts.  If you add your posts after the publishing time of 9pm GMT you will be added to this post and do tune in regularly as I’m expecting at least another four contributions.


Diary of a Movie Maniac goes back to a 1930 movie in The Bat Whispers to share his thoughts on this movie.


Tiffany at the Pure Entertainment Society tells us more about James Cagney in Footlight Parade (1933).


Tune in regularly to see (hopefully) some more great posts… and also credit to Old School Evil who added the featured image for this post.

And don’t forget to read the great now posts by our lovely bloggers which are listed here by Thoughts All Sorts HERE…. with links to posts The Bat (1959) and James Cagney in Mister Roberts (1955).



Before my recap next week I’d just like to thank you all for your lovely THEN posts which I’ve read and commented on…

I’ve also shared your posts on Twitter and on my Facebook pages too. (Day 5 participants will be promoted as I get your posts). And if you not following me already on either please follow me by pressing on these links, so as I can also follow you and add your page to your post so you can get the credit for your wonderful posts…

So tune in next week as I’ve another announcement a week on Friday which may interest one or all of you…

Love your (spoiler -free) thoughts...

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