BLOGATHON… The Michael Caine Blogathon Update


Quite a lot of you know that…


Coming up in less than 10 days we’re celebrating the lovable Cockney actor in his birthday blogathon.


Top 10 Michael Caine Performances. WatchMojoUK


At the end of last year, I published my latest blogathon announcement on my upcoming blogathon with Michael Caine in the spotlight. Out of 320 people who viewed this post, an amazing 32 of you wrote to me to sign up with at least 44 films from Alfie (1966) to Zulu (1966), and film appearances between the years 1964 to 1998.

There are so many more of Caine’s performances to review after 2000, and so far only Deathtrap (1982) is reaching the magic 3 maximum review posts (so you can review before then too). That is unless you know differently, as there is still time to join…  CLICK HERE for the details!

If you are still stuck for ideas, check out my Michael Caine tag HERE, as being one of my fave actors he does make an appearance here more than most (including Mr DiCaprio) for inspiration.

Alternatively, check out his Wikipedia home page HERE and filmography page HERE or his IMDb page HERE. Then check the Who’s Doing What Page HERE – just in case I suddenly get a surge of interest by the time you read this – and send me a wee request (or two).

Don’t forget that it doesn’t just have to be about his films, you can review his TV appearances, his mentions in pop culture and music, his supporting roles, his cameos (only if you have photographic proof), his books and his life.

I’ll also accept reviews of when he’s added his voice to animation or videogame. These posts don’t have to be just from movie reviewers. I will also accept podcasts, pictorial posts and videos about him too.

It really would be amazing if we could reach 85 reviews in total (including those posts within a post), with one for every year for the birthday boy’s soon to be age. And do remember that old previously published posts can be used. But only if you haven’t used them for a blogathon before. Just send me your link from the 12 to 14th of March and grab a banner if you haven’t already and join the fun…


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