BLOGATHON… The Robin Williams Blogathon Recap


Recapping my January joint blogathon on the wonderful, Robin Williams…


Flashbacking to January’s Blogathon and those fantastic bloggers tributes on all things Robin Williams.


Robin Williams Wins Supporting Actor: 1998 Oscars, oscars


In January, I held my second joint blogathon, this time with the lovely Crystal of In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood. There we celebrated the TV and Film performances of Robin Williams along with some fabulous Bloggers over 3 days at the end of January.

16 bloggers added posts with one adding a video with many, many more of Williams performances in his comedy, animation and dramatic roles showing Williams versatility in front of the camera and behind the screen as a voice actor.

So if you missed the fun, and want to read the reviews click on the Day for the post.. with a list of films reviews for each day.


Day 1

Reviews on Awakenings, Dead Poets Society, Good Morning Vietnam, Aladdin and a video on 5 Robin Williams Performances.


Day 2

Happy Days, Robots, Mork and Mindy and The Final Cut reviews were added.


Day 3

Reviews added were Popeye, The World According to Garp, The Night at the Museum movies, Ferngully; The Last Rainforest, Man of the Year, Hook and Impressions of his movies.


16 bloggers submitted posts after we announced the blogathon at the end of December. Having read all those lovely posts, and commented on them it is apparent just how much Williams is loved and missed. All provided lovely heartfelt tributes to this actor.

So I’d like to thank you all for your lovely posts, I’ve revisited quite a few of my favourite Robin Williams films and learnt about some new ones that I now hope to hunt down. Finally, I’d like to thank my lovely co-host firstly for asking me to join me in this tribute and for her joining me in the fun.

Coming soon, I’ve a few more joint ones with some more lovely film bloggers and one more as just mine.  It would be wonderful if you can join Return to the 80s and me for The Kurt Russell Blogathon in May, CLICK HERE for details. Also, Barry from Cinematic Catharsis and me are holding the Great Hammer Amicus  Blogathon in June and CLICK HERE for details.


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