BLOGATHON… Marvellous Michael Caine Blogathon Recap


A Belated Birthday Blogathon Recap celebrating Caine’s movies…


A Retrospective Look at Michael Caine’s Blogathon from Batman Begins to Zulu.



Just  over a month and a half ago, this blog celebrated all things Michael Caine to celebrate his 85th Birthday. Bloggers from blogs from here, there and everywhere joined in the fun. A fantastic 3 days wasn’t enough for our lovely bloggers, with an extra day tagged on showing just how much Michael Caine is loved and appreciated.

I loved reading all those fantastic tributes on Caine, and there was so many films I remember enjoying watching that I relived just reading those great reviews. And so many to watch. Or re watch after this blogathon… and here’s that Batman Begins to Zulu list of lovely blog posts celebrating Caine in celluloid in 28 of his films..

Maddy from Maddylovesherclassicfilms… Batman Begins  (2005)

Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews…  The Black Windmill (1974)

Movie Rob… Blame it on Rio (1984)

Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews…  Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979)

Kira from Film and TV 1O1… Children of Men (2006)

Angelman’s Place… Deathtrap (1982)

Paul S  from Return To The 1980s … Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)

Debbie at Moon in Gemini... Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)

Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews…  Educating Rita (1983)

Maddy from Maddylovesherclassicfilms… Educating Rita (1983)

Mikes Take on the Movies… Educating Rita (1983)

Movie Rob… The Fourth Protocol (1987)

Michaela from Love Letters To Old Hollywood... Goldmember (2002)

Rick from the Classic TV Blog Association… Funeral In Berlin (1966)

VinniehHalf Moon Street (1986)

Barry from Cinematic Catharsis… The Hand (1981)

Thoughts All Sorts… Impressions of Michael Caine

Jay from Cinema Essentials.. The Ipcress File (1965)

Maddy from Maddylovesherclassicfilms… The Ipcress File (1965)

Le from Critica Retro… The Italian Job  (1969)

Graduated CylinderThe Italian Job (1969)

Emma K Wall (Explains it All)Jaws:  The Revenge (1987)

Katrina at Life’s Daily Lessons Blog… Little Voice (1998)

Maddy from Maddylovesherclassicfilms… Miss Congeniality  (2000)

Rebecca at Taking Up Room.. Miss Congeniality (2000)

Movie Rob… Mr. Destiny (1990)

Silver Screen Suppers.. My Generation documentary with Live Q and A with Michael Caine

Paul S  from Return To The 1980s … Quotes from Michael Caines 1980s Movies

Rebecca at Taking Up Room.. Secondhand Lions (2003)

Silver Screenings… Sleuth (1972)

Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews…  Sweet Liberty (1986)

Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews…  Water (1985)

Quiggy from The Midnite Drive InWithout a Clue (1988)

What the Craggus Saw… Without a Clue (1988)

Erin from Cinematic ScribblingsThe Wrong Box (1966)

Angelman’s Place… X, Y and Zee (1972)

Maddy from Maddylovesherclassicfilms… Zulu (1964)

Old Hollywood Films... Zulu (1964)


And links to all those wonderful Caine inspired posts found here in those 4 days of Marvellous Michael Caine film reviews… so CLICK on the day, to discover Caine’s films old and new.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

and Day 4

And just in case you missed my wee announcement,  I’ve decided to hold this blogathon as a yearly tribute to this actor. So do come and join the fun at (probably) around 14th March next year, in time for Caine’s birthday celebrations. I’ve already had some requests for films but will only be accepting choices after that big announcement next year.

But in the meantime there’s at least 3 more joint one to be held this year, with some fantastic bloggers… you can join Return to the 80s and me for The Kurt Russell Blogathon in May, CLICK HERE for details and / or Barry from Cinematic Catharsis and me for our Great Hammer Amicus Blogathon in June and CLICK HERE for details. And as for the other joint one, a wee clue for their identity, is that they feature in this post…


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