BLOGATHON… Escape to Day 2 of Kurt Russell’s Blogathon


Here are even more posts about our blogathon’s leading man, Kurt Russell…


Kurt Russell is in the movies from some fantastic bloggers.



After yesterday’s amazing turnout with 6 wonderful entries, we’ve even more coming in today. And yes, there is still time to join with your podcast or post on Kurt Russell and his TV work or film career. So for those all important rules click HERE and the who’s reviewing what page is HERE.

For those of you who added your post last night to my blog, your post is here. So I haven’t forgotten about you it’s just those awkward time zones…

Read Day 1’s entries on posts such as Silkwood, Escape to New York and Miracle.. and more, CLICK HERE. And not to fret if you running late with your post, we’ve still one more day of festivities to go.


So kicking off today’s celebration…. is my co-host, Return to the 80s with his post on The Mean Season (1985).


Paul S at Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies adds a post on one of his leading ladies, Michelle Pfeiffer in her film with Kurt Russell in Tequila Sunrise (1988).


Craggus from What the Craggus Said shares his thoughts on Sky High (2005)…


Movies 101 recasts 3 of Kurt Russell’s roles in movies including this one…The Thing (1982)…


And here’s Movie Rob and his second of three reviews, and this one on Dreamer (2005)…


No Nonsense With Nuwan Sen adds his take on The Mean Season (1985)…


And remember we will be adding reviews as we get them and tune into Day 3 – the final day – tomorrow!

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