BLOGATHON… Great Hammer-Amicus Blogathon Update


Tune in, it’s just over 8 days for the Hammer-Amicus blogathon …


Still time to join this not just a horror themed blogathon.


Top 13: Hammer Movies, BusinessofFear


Amicus Films Productions Posters Collection (1962-1980), Cine Club 70

A wee while ago  Barry from Cinematic Catharsis and I unleashed our first joint blogathon announcement celebrating the production companies of Amicus and Hammer. These companies, will strike fear into the hearts for those of you who hate horror, but if you investigate more as they do more than Horror films…

So far a whopping 33 of you have joined with your choice of review, but there are still plenty more films to choose from and plenty of time to write your review. Or if you a podcaster, to do a wee podcast…

If you really don’t fancy writing about horror, you can always write about the stars that starred in these movies, with everyone from Stephanie Beacham to Christopher Lee. Or Peter Cushing to Oliver Reed… just take your pick. If you want to run an idea past me or Barry just send a wee message here or on his post by clicking here…and we’ll get back to you….

So what more can I say apart from check out those rules HERE

And who is doing what HERE

And those film lists for those Amicus productions HERE and more on the Hammer productions HERE and the films HERE. if you want to do something completely different….

Or if you want to join us just to check out those reviews tune in on June 1st for the first of those posts and podcasts… with some more (yup even more) big news on a blogathon coming soon after it’s all over.

And one last thing add one of these fab banners to your post…or blog.

So see you soon, as the countdown continues to some ever more fantastic posts…


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