FILMS… Avalanche (1978)

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A Rock gets snowed under as a (snow) storm is brewing…


A Roger Corman produced avalanche themed winter’s tale with the Rock with an icy ex-wife and a Thorne in his side.


Avalanche (1978) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p], HD Retro Trailers and photos © New World Pictures


As the opening scenes take us into the movie… as you hear the wind howl, and watch the aerial view of snowy mountains you could be excused for thinking this is a The Sound of Music (1965) sequel. As it continues, you may search for the von Trapps literally climbing every mountain on their escape from those bad guys. But it is, in fact, the Colorado setting for the disaster movie, Avalanche (1978).

Avalanche is surprisingly not a TV movie. Directed by Roger Corman. With an all-star cast headed by Rock Hudson – pre Dynasty (1981-89) – and Mia Farrow who also appeared in Death on the Nile (1978)) the same year.  As it’s Corman, don’t expect extravagant budget filled disaster scenes with stellar special effects.

In a move Ed Wood (1994) would be proud of, some of the titular disaster scenes of the avalanche itself are stock footage. There’s polystyrene doubling as snow. The eagle-eyed disaster movie viewer will note some of the avalanche scenes make an appearance in – bizarrely – the next film to be reviewed, Meteor (1979).

The characters in this soap in the snow story are reminiscent of every disaster film ever, from The Towering Inferno (1974) to Jaws (1975). Yup, we’ve had more of those much-loved stereotypes and plotlines before. But this time the plot devices are not just a nature vs man theme, there is some man vs man scenes too.

We’ve the sultry talking, Rock Hudson heading the bill – as I assume millionaire – David Shelby, a man with a fondness of checked shirts who won’t shut his new ski resort whatever the impending disaster may be. Reminding me immediately of a similar man, with similar taste in suits in a film with a shark in another more successful 1970s disaster movie but with sharks.

Shelby is a man so passionate about a mountain he built his pride and joy, million-dollar snow sports resort underneath it.  In an area notorious for avalanches. Could this possibly be The Towering Inferno inspired?? Ironically this film did have The Towering Inferno‘s William Holden – he played the owner of the doomed tower – in the running for the Shelby role. He turned this flop down for the Omen II (1978) movie. While we are talking casting, Charlton Heston of the film Earthquake (1974) was also in competition for this nature will find a way movie’s headlining role.

Anyway, Shelby’s resort has everything and anything in snow sport themed facilities, with sports, jumping, skating, ski mobiles and downhill skiing. This resort was built so he could impress his ex-wife. He’s invited her to attend the celebrity attended – read two Olympic skaters, a TV Commentator and a ski jumper (whose sleeping with the commentator’s estranged wife) – celebration banquet.

The next day is the opening ceremony with snow inspired competitions galore. With crowds of extras piled in, what could go wrong? However, Shelby got his men to pull trees down from his favourite mountaintop as the damn trees obscured the view. This action destabilised the slope and resulted in the mountain now being more prone to avalanches. This puts the lives of others at risk. To top it all, a snowstorm is due.

Shelby’s other passion is his ex-wife Caroline Brace (Mia Farrow), a woman who has moved on with her life, work and love. Caroline visits Shelby for the grand opening of his dream resort. Just to remind him she doesn’t love him anymore she changes her booking to her maiden name.

Much to Shelby’s obvious upset. So he gets a frosty reception from her. Later she tells Shelby he’s a control freak. Furthermore, Caroline won’t respond to his passionate kisses or his moves on the dance floor. Which makes him angry. But hey there’s always his (obviously naked) secretary in the hot tub as a last resort. Caroline also flirts and then sleeps with Nick Thorne (Robert Forster), his nemesis.

Thorne – a younger rugged-looking environmentalist and wildlife photographer – has warned him the slope is unsafe and putting the resort at risk of being engulfed by snow. Thorne built his own log cabin on this mountain with his bare hands (unless that’s a line for the ladies which Caroline falls for). He even “acquires” some explosives just to reinforce that the slope isn’t safe. Leaving Caroline a note while she sleeps after their night of lovemaking.

Add to this trio, there’s Shelby’s mother Florence (Jeanette Nolan). She’s also hoping for a reconciliation with Shelby and Caroline. She spends a lot of time drinking and kinda flirting with McDade (Steve Franken), Shelby’s accountant who she kindly introduces us to as the film begins. She does this in the manner you would introduce someone awkwardly at a dinner party.

McDade drags her up a mountain, just to reinforce the plotline. Florence, however, will find a piano in the face of death and play you a tune. This means she could fall into the category of “the lounge singer role”… see Airport 77 (1977) and The Towering Inferno (again).

Also attending the celebration banquet and opening day there’s downhill skier, Bruce Scott (Rick Moses), a major celebrity of the ski world. He’s there chatting up the lovestruck gals, despite the presence of his lady-love Tina (Cathey Paine). Her estranged husband, Mike Elliott (Barry Primus), the sports commentator also attends. These three join Shelby’s table for the big celebration. It’s like an awkward scene set at the Captain’s table in Titanic (1997).

Bruce will bed any girl who gives him the eye, but only if you can prove your age by ID.  There’s an Olympic skater with a bowl haircut, Annette (Peggy Browne) who falls for Bruce with his magic moves on the dance floor and later in the bedroom. Annette’s idea of foreplay is to demonstrate and squeak out names of skating positions.

However, the two are caught making love by his girlfriend, Tina. This after she stripped to her undies outside in a snowstorm on her way coming home. Finally, more on her TV sports commentator soon to be ex-husband Mike. He will happily take your kid up the mountain for you via ski lift. Because he’s a nice guy. And that is just some of the more interesting relevant characters…

Add in no particular order… a minor avalanche, a heavy snowstorm, collapse, fresh snow on the mountains, a small plane crash, a major avalanche, a lot of shouting, collapse requiring mouth to mouth support, threatened with a knife, a lot of screaming, a broken ski lift, a suicidal jilted ex-girlfriend, a gas leak, an explosion or two, a vat of boiling soup pouring over you and an ambulance crashing off a mountainside and its DISASTER in capital letters.

Just think this all could have been avoided if Shelby had taken heed of those weather reports and shut his ski resort and listened to those warnings…  As of now, it’s the (other) Rock to the rescue… As you count the 1000 ways to die in a snow-related disaster movie.


Winter in July Blogathon 2018, No 34 and the Magnificent Mia Farrow Blogathon 2020 No 2

This post was added to Moon in Gemini‘s Winter in July Blogathon and Pale Writer’s Magnificent Mia Farrow Blogathon. Other reviews with this cast include Rock Hudson in Dynasty, Pillow Talk, McMillan and Wife and McMillan. Mia Farrow also stars in Death on the Nile and The Great Gatsby. Robert Forster starred in Murder She Wrote, Hotel, and Magnum PI. Jeanette Nolan starred in Hart to Hart, Hotel, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat and Columbo.



15 thoughts on “FILMS… Avalanche (1978)

  1. I’m not sure how this film evaded my radar because as we will discover when we get to the Lee Grant Blog-A-Thon, I am a moth to a flame for a cheese-tastic “Disaster” flick.

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    • Already reviewed Airport 77 myself – you will love it, its fantastic Christopher Lee and Lee Grant totally steal it! Do love a so bad its good disaster movie myself, so if you can recommend any that would be fantastic!

      I hadn’t heard of this one either – my husband recommended it. BTW If you up for a holding a Disaster themed blogathon next year…. (got another 2 in the pipeline after this next one)


  2. Ha-ha, love this review! I admit to a certain fondness for 70s disaster epics. (And if you do a blogathon with this theme, you can already count me in!) Thanks so much for contributing this to the blogathon!

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