BLOGATHON… The Penultimate Day of the Lovely Lee Grant Blogathon


Just 2 more days to go celebrating all things Lee Grant…


Even, even more, terrific bloggers join the party!



So with just today and tomorrow to go, we’ve some more lovely entries for the blogathon. And if you are late to the party, we’ve one more day to go if you’ve been inspired at the last minute. Just CLICK HERE for those details. Or if you just want to immerse yourself in all films and TV Lee Grant, here’s my links to

Day 1  and Day 2

There’s a wealth of her work to be read, with everything from her Oscar Winning Role in Shampoo (1977) to her Oscar nominated role in Voyage of the Damned (1976). In these posts, I’ve discovered Lovely Lee has worked with a multitude of leading men, including Warren Beatty, Jack Lemmon, Sidney Poitier, Max Von Sydow. Peter Falk and Raymond Burr. Also that she’s a wonderful cook too as seen in some mouth-watering recipes…

Now let these marvellous bloggers entertain you with their fabulous writing…


Poppity joins the blogathon telling us more about Lee Grant’s small role in The Big Bounce (1969).


Le Cinema Dreams adds his alternative views on Portnoy’s Complaint (1972).


Movie Rob shares his post on Lee Grant’s Oscar Winning role in Shampoo (1975)…


and he also adds his final post for the blogathon with her wee role in Divorce American Style (1967)


Nuwan Sen tells us more about an early role for Lee Grant in Detective Story (1951)…


Finally (so far), Stabford Deathrage lets us into his thoughts on Airport 77 (1977).


Keep tuning in if you like me, Ms Grant has her spell (pun intentional) on you with her wonderful performances… as I’ll update this page as I get the posts!

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