BLOGATHON… The Final Post for the Lovely Lee Grant Blogathon


Time for those final posts, a wrap up and a thanks…


Keep tuning into this page as the last post for the blogathon where the fashionably late will arrive on that still welcoming red carpet.



So the time has come to wrap up the blogathon, and it’s been a blast from the start. For a blogger who had seen (and reviewed) quite a few films in this actress’ repertoire, I’ve loved and enjoyed reading some fabulous posts.

I’ve learnt so much from the 20 (so far) reviews on films, TV Shows and TV Movies that Lovely Lee has starred in.  She’s been in dramas. murder mysteries, comedies, horrors and more. And thanks to you splendid bloggers for your wonderful contributions

And thanks to some wonderful posts written by some amazing bloggers I’ve added more than a few to my to watch, to review or to watch again pile. It’s been such an honour to read all your wonderful tributes to this multi-talented actress, and I tagged her in my Twitter posts so she may well have read your post.

And if you want to browse through these posts, here are links to the last 3 days. And also a big thanks for the support from anyone who read and commented on my Voyage of the Damned (1976) post for this blogathon.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

By my side, I’ve had the wonderful Chris, my co-host from Angelman’s Place who helped put this blogathon together. I’d like to thank him for his fabulous and never-ending support. And for putting up with my endless emails as I get a new post. And I hope we can collaborate again one day, perhaps on the lovely Helmut Berger… or something else! Your call, this time Chris!

I’d like to thank all the bloggers who participated and those bloggers who sent their best wishes for the blogathon. But most of all I’d like to thank the lovely Lee Grant for inspiring me with those great, fabulous performances… and there’s, even more, to be read today.

First, off the mark today is W.B. Kelso from 3B Theatre with his review on Night Slaves (1970).


Le from Critica Retro adds her post about Valley of the Dolls (1967) about the book and the movie…


Debbie from Moon in Gemini shares her thoughts on Defending Your Life (1991).


Dick Scott from The Oak Drive-In shares his thoughts on The Mafu Cage (1978).


A Shroud of Thoughts adds his take on Detective Story (1951).


Adding 2 posts from Great Old Movies… with his alternative take on The Mafu Cage (1978).


Along with his thoughts on The Spell (1977), and there’s more to come.


and adding Crystal from In The Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood’s thoughts on Lee Grant’s role in Divorce American Style (1967).


All LATER-comers not to worry I will still be adding and promoting your posts…

Finally, writers everywhere, tune in soon for another announcement of the blogathon kind…

7 thoughts on “BLOGATHON… The Final Post for the Lovely Lee Grant Blogathon

  1. Gill, thank you so much, this has been a blast! You inspire me with your brilliant energy and love of film and pop culture!

    Thanks to all you wonderful bloggers who participated…look forward to delving deeply into everyone’s unique blogs.

  2. Outstanding articles! I apologise for not being able to comment on those articles posted outside of WP. My posts seem to always *disappear* into thin air.
    It’s amazing to see Lee’s variation of films. She did a lot of notable work.

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