Happy New Year 2019!


A First (Footing) Post for 2019…


It’s 2019 over here, so its time for that yearly sum up from Realweegiemidget Reviews.


I’m hoping you have a fabulous 2019. As a Scot I believe in first footing, that means turning up with whisky, coal and biscuits. Seeing as that’s not practical, I promise that in the next 12 months (and more) I will bring you my reviews. These from the world of films, TV. books and more for another fun-filled year.

In this my first post this year, is my recap via a wee flashback to Realweegiemidget Reviews in 2018. With this year just ended there’s a lot to look back on with a lot to look forward to in 2019. 2018 brought blogathons, some awards and (of course) a year in film and TV with some great ones  – and some not so great.

Firstly, I’d like to thank all my readers, followers and commenters for your wonderful support for me this year. I’ve “met” some lovely bloggers and non-bloggers through Social Media, blogathons and this blog.

I’ve read many terrific blog posts, especially during my and others blogathons and your sites. I hope to meet more of you this year as a like, follow, comment or blogging participant this year. I’d like to thank you – who don’t blog – just for reading my posts and your wonderful follows or comments too. Your support in 2018 showing with just over 20,000 of you reading my posts this year (lots and lots more than last year).

In 2018, I added posts to a massive 62 blogathons with subjects as diverse as The Greatest Film I’ve Never Seen and The Unexpected Blogathon. Or on actors such as Rock Hudson and actresses like Meg Ryan. In these blogathons, I discovered some new films to enjoy such as The Cassandra Crossing (1976) and The Greatest Showman (2017).

I’ve also held joint blogathons with lovely entertainment bloggers. A huge thanks to these bloggers… Crystal from In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood, Paul from Return to the 80s, Chris from Angelman’s Place and Barry P from Cinematic Catharsis for joining me. I’d like to thank these wonderful co-hosts for joining me or for asking me to co-host with them, its was a pleasure teaming up with you. My solo blogathons included ones on the wonderful Michael Caine and Richard Burton.

This year I’m also going alone with two blogathons with my 2nd year of Michael Caine and a new tribute, this time to the actress,  Angela Lansbury.. the latter runs in February and you can still join HERE.

More details on the return of my Michael Caine blogathon coming soon.. There are few joint ones to look forward to too including one in November with Dubsism, as advertised HERE and a reprise of the Hammer and Amicus one with Cinematic Catharsis in June… and four (possible) others in the discussion and planning stages.

This year, I was nominated for a blogging award with more details to come soon…  Watch this space… for my nominations for those lovely 15 bloggers (yup 15) who I’m adding to receive this award. Within this list, I’ve added a few wonderful blogs, I’ve only discovered this year.

I’ll be revealing all in the next few days. I’ve also some more blogger nominations coming to the film blogging community after that post. As in 2018, I discovered I received another award… back in 2016! Apologies again to my nominator, for not spotting this post earlier…

In this year’s film offerings I’ve added a few films on my to watch list…  be it to see such as Destination Wedding, to finally review list… such as Infinity War and on my avoid list.. such as the whole of Mamma Mia 2.  this year I’ve also discovered (or rediscovered) some great retro films and TV…

I’m sure that those films and TV of 2019 will fall into those good, bad and ugly categories too.  But I’m aiming to watch and review a few of the upcoming releases. These including John Wick 3 and Avengers Endgame. TV reviews including The Americans (after I’ve seen that final season) and The Colbys. With more than a few retro films of course revisited for blogathons or just because including more 70s disaster movies and more.

Some of you may have noticed some new pages that I’ve recently added here. I’m hoping to put some content out in these pages and if you want to find your favourites, my A-Z pages HERE will still be updated after every post. 2018 also the year when I started the #FFGroovyGoldblumers tag. This has been a lovely way to share some support within our wonderful film blogging community on a Friday.

In what I hope to be a more regular post, I’ve some exciting new films, TV and books (and more) to discover and tell you more about in the coming year. With a more than a few promotional posts of some fabulous indie films coming your way in the first few months. Along with some book reviews with some great film and TV tie ins too. And if you want me to review your project contact me HERE.

Please note I won’t be able to post a promotional review til after March as I’ve a few commitments to other film and book promotions until then… and that I only review books with an entertainment tie in or connected with this field. If there’s something you want me to add you can contact me here for a review.

Finally I’d like to rewish you a Happy New Year and hope you’ll join me this year for another year of Realweegiemidget Reviews…


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2019!

  1. Happy New Year Gill! I’ve enjoyed your company this year, both here and over at my place. Thanks for getting involved in my blogathons, your support is always appreciated. I’ll be thinking of you this afternoon when I watch The Eagle has Landed on the BBC.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, likewise always great to have your support and wonderful comments over here. Enjoy The Eagle Has Landed, always love that one and Hagman and his moustache always make it special. Check out Smershpod’s take on it afterwards.


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