BLOGATHON… A Wee Reminder for the 2nd Michael Caine Blogathon


Coming up soon, the Second Marvellous Michael Caine blogathon…


There’s still time to join my wee belated celebration for Michael Caine’s birthday.




Stuck for something to write about bloggers?

Here at Realweegiemidget Reviews, it’s the Second Michael Caine blogathon from the 24 to 26 April this year. There’s still plenty of time to join with his films, TV, books, topics and more to be claimed (as well as duplicates), so check through the list of who’s reviewing what HERE.

There are so far 18 bloggers contributing with 20 films picked so far. So if you want to join, it would be lovely to hear from you. Sign up fast as so far, a total of 161 bloggers and readers have checked out this post…

Michael Caine’s filmography is HERE on IMDB, and post choices from last years blogathon can also be re-explored. If you want some inspiration my reviews on his work can be found HERE

Once you’ve written your post, simply send me a link to your post. All I ask is that you don’t send me older previously published posts. Or if writing posts isn’t your thing you can send me a link to your podcast, pictorial posts, videos or whatever you want really. Just please be respectful of him. If you didn’t enjoy his performance, this may not be the blogathon for you.

The other rules can be found if you CLICK HERE along with videos of his film career.

Also add one of my banners below…

Second Marvellous Michael Caine Blogathon








Finally, if you have still got writer’s block after this, then there’s always my blogathon with Cinematic Catharsis in June, with details if you CLICK HERE

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