BLOGATHON… The Second Marvellous Michael Caine Blogathon is here!


This blogathon is officially open for your posts with all things Michael Caine…


Still time to tribute the world’s favourite Cockney actor if you haven’t already.




Just over a month ago, Michael Caine celebrated his 86th birthday. Bloggers from here, there and everywhere celebrated his milestone birthday last year joining the first of these blogathons. This year, it’s the second year of this annual blogathon with even more this wonderful actor’s work from way back to the present date. With some wonderful posts to look forward to, here’s the equally fabulous ones sent in so far.

There’s still time to join in. So if you keen to join in,  check out the rules and more if you CLICK HERE, then pick up a banner and send me a comment with your review choice. Once I’ve confirmed this you are then officially entered into the blogathon. Them simply send me a link over the next few days where I’ll add your link to the day’s post…

Now on with today’s terrific entries, just click on the film title to get to the post..

The first of these posts from me here at Realweegiemidget Reviews on Deathtrap (1982)…


Silver Screenings reviews Michael Caine’s autobiography, Whats It All About?

Michael Caine

Cinema Essentials adds his wonderful post on 12 underrated Michael Caine movies...

Movie Rob, in the first of 3 entries adds his post on Play Dirty (1969)…

Play Dirty

The Poppity adds her take on Blame it on Rio (1984)…

Blame it on Rio

Dubsism adds his unique take on Escape to Victory / Victory (1981).



The Stop Button adds his views on A Shock to the System (1990).


Midnite Drive In adds his post all about Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

and Words Seem Out of Place shares his Dressed to Kill (1980) review..




Don’t forget to tune in regularly as I’ll be adding posts as I get them. Also tune in for the next two days after this for even more posts on this talented actor…

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