BLOGATHON… Day 2 of 2nd Marvellous Michael Caine’s Blogathon


Still one more day if this post title inspires you…


More on the wonderful Michael Caine for your enjoyment.



Yesterday was the first day of the Second Michael Caine blogathon. I had an amazing and overwhelming 7 entries sent to me before 7pm my time for Day 1. These posts indicate that one thing is clear; Michael Caine’s films and books are still adored and enjoyed.

It also appears that your favourite decade of Michael Caine’s movies is the 1980s with more than half these posts for this decade. This is the decade that not only brought Caine his guilty pleasure movies such as Blame it on Rio and The Hand... but also classics like Educating Rita and Deathtrap and controversial films like Dressed to Kill.

There are still no duplicates for this blogathon so if the Day 1 entries – CLICK HERE to read these – inspire you then I’d love you to join. I read all these wonderful tributes last night and urge you to read them all. Everyone and every post are full of praise for this talented actor.

With just one day of this blogathon to go and the final wrap up post tomorrow you may think there’s not much time to add a post. But as all blogathons run over due to the time zones there’s still plenty of time to add a post… CLICK HERE for all the rules and the banners and the list of who is doing what is HERE.

Today’s reviews start with a flashback to the sixties with Movie Rob with the second of his three posts with his take on Zulu (1964)…



Thirty Hertz Rumble adds his views on The Wrong Box (1966)…



and that’s all so far… but hoping to get more…

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