BLOGATHON… Onto Day 2, with more Ghoulish and Great Hammer Amicus Blogathon Entries


More blogathoners extol the best that is Hammer and Amicus…


With more posts, pictures and thoughts on those films and more from those memorable movie studios.



Yesterday it all started, with some lovely bloggers sending their wonderful posts to me and Barry from Cinematic Catharsis. This is for Day 1 this blogathon and celebration of horror and more.

These bloggers joining the party with Amicus movies such as Asylum (1972) and The Land that Time Forgot (1974) and Hammer such as And Now the Screaming Starts (1973) and more wonderful films.

We were also honoured with the presence of a Hammer favourite actress, Judy Matheson. This actress, in an exclusive interview (with me), told us more behind the scenes of these films. Her interview is found HERE.

More of Day 1’s posts can be read HERE and there you can access some terrific tributes (and I should know as I’ve read (and commented on) them all).

If you are reading this and would like to join this blogathon with a post or a podcast, we’d love you to join. Just read the rules HERE and grab a blogathon banner. Then tell Barry or me what you would like to write about, we’ll ok it. Then once you get the green light from us, send us a link to your post asap.

The blogathon may have only one day, but I know of at least one possible latecomer. So not to worry if you do run late, as we’ll still add and promote you…

Now onto Day 2


A Shroud of Thoughts enters with his second post on Dick Barton Special Agent (1948)…



Trenchant Reviews adds his post on The Mummy (1959)…


The Oak Drive In tells us about The Lost Continent (1968)…



The Stop Button tells us more about The Mind of Dr Soames (1970)…


Taking Up Room adds her thoughts on The Monster Club (1981)…


Tales from the Freakboy Zone adds a post on Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD (1966)…



Keep tuning in as I’ll add posts as I get them and join us for Day 3 of this blogathon tomorrow…

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