BLOGATHON… Is it the End of the Second Hammer-Amicus Blogathon as we know it?


The Good News  – and Bad News – is…


It’s the second final day as we are accepting lateR posts in the Second Hammer Amicus blogathon wrap up tomorrow.



Welcome to the penultimate day of the Second Hammer Amicus blogathon. After a wee discussion with my lovely co-host, Barry from Cinematic Catharsis late last night we’ve decided to extend the blogathon. But for just one more day.

This will without a doubt be good news for all of you running a wee bit late or have had a bad bout of writer’s block. Or those of you who have crazy time zones like me.

Speaking of time zones, with my conflicting time zones with Barry some of you will have had your post published yesterday over there. With me being a wee bit ahead, I’ve missed publishing your post so it’s now added here for Day 3.

Confused? Me too, so if your post isn’t here but over there and I’ve missed it, please leave me a wee message. Anyway, either way, tune in tomorrow (Monday for both of us) for our final wee wrap up and final posts.

If you are keen to read more reviews, click HERE for Day 1’s posts and HERE for Day 2… and read on for today’s terrific posts.


Pale Writer adds her post on Vampire Circus (1971)…


Movie Rob shares his second post on Danger Route (1967)…


Dreams are what Le Cinema is for tells us more on Straight on til Morning (1972)…


Watching Forever shares their The Gorgon (1964) post…


What the Craggus Saw adds his take on both the Amicus Doctor Who films…


Reel Distracted adds his thoughts on  Frankenstein Created Woman (1967)…



Speakeasy tells us more about The Plague of Zombies (1966)…



Tune in later for more updates and tomorrow for the final recap, posts and a message from Hammer lovely, Judy Matheson…

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