BLOGATHON… Been a Big Thrill, but now it’s the final Blogathon day!


It’s the last of those posts (so far)…


The final day for all things Jeff Goldblum, with any latecomers added to this post.



The final day is here, and so far we’ve had at least 28 tributes of all sorts. It’s been a blast from start… Read the wonderful posts from Day 1 HERE and Day 2 HERE and you’ll see in words and pictures just how much the film blogging world loves Jeff Goldblum and his movies.

I’ve read and commented on all these fabulous entries and they’ve all been fun, informative and a joy to read. Thanks so much (you know who you are) for contributing your fabulously written reviews! I’ve rediscovered a few old movies I knew before and added a few more to the to watch pile thanks to your great posts.

I’d also like to thank my wonderful co-hostess, Emma for firstly choosing this topic and for joining me in this blogathon as my fantastic co-host (and for making those wonderful inspiring banners). It’s been lovely to “work” with you, and for adding both your amusing posts.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who read these blogathon entries and clicked, liked or retweeted a post for any of those wonderful entries from bloggers on Social Media… Latecomers, as I mentioned earlier there’s still time to add your posts if you running late or have a different time zone, if you are worried you’ll miss out… just leave us a message so we know it will be on its way.

Now to those final (so far) tributes…

My co-hostess with the mostess, Emma K Wall Explains it All shares her post on The Fly II  (1989) with Jeff flying in for a wee role…


Erica from The Poppity Talks Classic Film tells us more about his role in Vibes (1988) and her Goldblum claim to fame…


Movie Rob‘s second and final post is on Threshold (1981)…


Rebecca from Taking Up Room adds her thoughts on Independence Day (1996)…


Jonathan at Dubsism adds his post on Jeff Goldblum’s role in The Right Stuff (1983)…


Jenny at Silver Screen Suppers adds her post with recipes for Jeff’s favourite sandwiches


Dell on Movies joins the blogathon with Deep Cover (1992)…



Le from Critica Retro tells us more with her post on the double bill of The Fly (1958) and The Fly (1986)…


Gabriela from Noir or Never adds her alternative views on The Fly (1958) and The Fly (1986)



Stabford Deathrage wraps things up (for now) and tells us about Thank God it’s Friday (1978)…



Keep tuning in to find more posts, as I’ll add more as I get them…

BTW if you are keen to join another blogathon CLICK HERE for the Shelley Winters October blogathon or tune in at the beginning of September for another tribute.


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3 thoughts on “BLOGATHON… Been a Big Thrill, but now it’s the final Blogathon day!

  1. Is it to late to join the Goldblum-a-thon? If not, I’ll join in the fun, partially for kicks and partially because I’m offended that no participant has yet to take a stab at “The Big Chill.”

    Lemme know. The one they call J-Dub knows where to find me.

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