BLOGATHON… Announcing the Send in the Marines Blogathon


Can you handle a post for the US Marines Blogathon?


Come and join my final blogathon for this year with Dubsism, as my co-host.


Did you know they are Marines?, Pablo Flores

J-Dub from Dubsism invited me to join him in celebrating the 244th anniversary of the United States Marine Corps in a blogathon tribute. So now I’m inviting you to our blogathon to celebrate this with us both. For this blogathon, you can review films, TV Movies or TV Shows about the US Marines. Or any of those movies and TV featuring actors or actresses who have served in the US Marine Corps.

This blogathon will run on the 10 and 11th of November 2019. There are many. many, many films and TV on this subject including A Few Good Men (1992), Battle Los Angeles (2011), The Rock (1996) and Heartbreak Ridge (1986) to name just a few movies. TV Shows include The Pacific (2010).

There’s also lots and lots of wonderful actors and actresses who’ve served in the US Marines. These including Gene Hackman, George C Scott, Bea Arthur, Lee Marvin, Steve McQueen and Scott Glenn. But if you have any ideas for a post – including books, podcasts and other random topics – that you want to run past us, please direct these to my co-host HERE.

So if you are keen to join our blogathon… here’s a few links to help you out…

(there are more links on my co-hosts page and tons if you look up the internet)

For Marines in films and TV…. click HERE for IMDb and HERE for Wikipedia …

More acting talent who served in the Marines can be found HERE and HERE

Please remember to click my Who’s Doing What page HERE for all the entries so far, so please check this before making your choices.

BUT whatever your choice please also add some information to tell us more about their role in the Marines and if you can include a picture of them in their uniform.

Here are the rules for the blogathon… (as cut and pasted from my co-host’s page)


The Rules and How To Join

  1. Fit the theme: As we said, this is dedicated to films or television programs either about the US Marine Corps, those in which actual Marines appear, or feature actors who served in the Marine Corps.
  2. No limit on the number of posts per participant.
  3. No more than two duplicates per movie or program.
  4. Include the banner below in your piece.
  5. Include a short statement in your piece explaining how it fits the theme.
  6. Publish your posts during one of the two days of this blogathon, November 10th-11th, 2019.
  7. New unpublished material only.

Also if you are keen to write a guest post do get in touch with me or Dubs. Once you’ve published the post, please send either of us a link to your post.. you can do so on my blog here or send it to me as a Direct Message on Twitter. Please include your Twitter handle so I can promote your post on the day. Dubsism can be contacted HERE.


If you want to know what reviews have been taken so far CLICK HERE for my who’s doing what page…


Our chosen posts are…

Dubsism… Sands of Iwo Jima (1949), Let’s Make it Legal (1951) and The D.I. (1957)

Realweegiemidget Reviews… 4 Fave Gene Hackman Movies


Finally,  please add Dubs’ fantastic banner below and we’ll see you in November…



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