BLOGATHON… The Next Chapter of the Shelley Winters Blogathon


Day 2 of the Shelley Winters Blogathon has dawned…


Read on for even more lovely tributes to the always wonderful Shelley Winters.



Yesterday the Shelley Winters blogathon kicked off with a fabulous nine bloggers who shared some amazing tributes about this talented actress. So with Day 2 we’ve even more highlighting this versatile actress on the big screen.

If you are just reading this now and want to join us with your post on this actress and you haven’t joined check out the rules and which films have been taken by CLICKING HERE. Day 1’s reviews are only the tip of the iceberg, with many more still to come… now onto Day 2’s sparkling new reviews…

So today’s posts start with Shelley’s Oscar winning film The Diary of Anne Frank  (1959) from Angelman’s Place



My co-host the Poppity Talks Classic Film adds her thoughts on Shelley in Heavy (1995)…


Following this we’ve the second of Movie Rob’s entries on Odds Against Tomorrow (1959)…


What the Craggus Saw reviews Shelley in Tentacles (1977)…


Next up we’ve Michael from Maniacs and Monsters with The Night of the Hunter(1955)…


Popcorn and Flickers adds his thoughts on The Great Gatsby (1949)…


The Oak Drive-In adds his choice in a review on Bloody Mama (1970)


Caftan Woman adds her thoughts of Shelley in  Wagon Train, “The Ruth Owens Story”  (1957)


Wolffian Classic Movies Digest also shares his alternative post on The Night of the Hunter (1955).


Tales from The Freakboy Zone adds his views on A Place in the Sun (1951)



Kino Joan adds her views on Shelley Winters – from blonde bombshell to force of nature



and The Stop Button adds his thoughts on I Died a Thousand Times (1955)…



So keep tuning in as I’ll add posts as I get them… and remember to come back for the next few days for even more fabulous posts…

CLICK HERE for Day 1…

I’ll be reading and commenting on all those lovely contributions, so writers check your spam folders if the comment isn’t showing… and these will be promoted too in the usual ways on Facebook and Twitter.

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