BLOGATHON… There’s more US Marines Blogathon posts reporting for duty in Day 3


Running late or timezone sucked?


There’s more than a few of you in this the final of the final posts.



I woke up this morning with possibly more notifications than Leonardo DiCaprio on his birthday. But aa there were quite a few of you. So I’m doing the decent thing as I know just how much work can go into a post, so I’m adding you lovely bloggers below in a sparkly new post.

As is my norm, I will still promote and comment on them too. So if you are one of those not mentioned below and you thought it was too late to add your submission add it to the comments below or send it to my co-host Dubsism in his post HERE.

If you are keen to read more fabulous posts go to DAY 1 and DAY 2 for some great reading on Marines films from some great blogging friends. As I did my thank you speech yesterday,  this also applies to you guys below so read this on DAY 2.

Now with the flag flying high, let’s celebrate the US Marines in one more day… so click on the film or TV title to learn more.


Thoughts All Sorts shares her post on Brothers (2009)…


John Rieber adds another film from ex-Marine Gene Hackman with his post on The Poseidon Adventure (1972)…


Pure Entertainment Preservation Society adds a post on Heaven Knows Mr Allison (1958)…


Eric Binford tells us more about The Boys From Company C (1978)…


18 Cinema Lane reviews an episode of Touched by an Angel with former U.S. Marine Brian Keith.


Dubsism adds his final post for the blogathon on The DI (1957)…


There’s some more to come…. and remember to tune in for that blogathon announcement soon… with the winner below… there’s a wee clue to my special guest in yesterday’s post…

Love your thoughts... but only if they are spoiler free!

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