BLOGATHON… The last of those James Garner reviews with some fab bloggers


Say goodbye to the James Garner blogathon…


The last of those posts on all things James Garner.



Just a couple of days ago the James Garner blogathon began here on Realweegimidget Reviews. On the last day of the blogathon, we’ve had over 15 entries on this actor with this post highlighting those final entries.

Any late(R)comers will be added here and please keep me posted if this applies to you so I can keep an eye out for those entries. I’ve read all those fabulous posts so far and commented on them – so if you are one of those bloggers whose comment isn’t showing please check your spam. Then I can send you a comment via Twitter.

Garner’s lovely daughter Gigi joined me on Day 1 in an exclusive interview and has been sharing my blogathon posts links with her page followers on Facebook. I’ve also shared them on my page over there.

I’d like to thank all the bloggers who have entered so far and it seems from your posts alone that James Garner is a well respected and loved Hollywood actor both for his TV roles and his film ones…

Now on with those final posts…


The blogathon started with my interview here at Realweegiemidget Reviews with his daughter Gigi telling us more about her father and his life caring for rescue dogs inspired the James Garner Animal Fund.. more on this worthwhile charity is found by clicking HERE


Critica Retro tells us more about The Americanization of Emily (1964)…



Norman Frenk adds his post on Skin Game (1971)…



A Scunner Darkly adds his post on a Maverick episode from Season 1, Relic of Fort Tejon.



Movie Rob adds a double bill of Garner with Up Periscope (1959) and Darby’s Rangers (1958).


18, Cinema Lane tells more about The Promise (1986)…


Poppity adds her post on The Wheeler Dealers (1963)…



and last (?) but not least Silver Screen Suppers has Dinner with James Garner...



Tune in to this post as there’s more to come. I’ll be adding posts as I get them.. and tune in HERE for Day 1’s posts and HERE for Day 2…


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