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The Oppenheims’ colleagues are back in business, in life and in love…

The sun always goes down on an argument for The Oppenheim Group of girlies.


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I’m not a sucker for reality TV, in fact, I could say it’s the worst – but most addictive – kind of telly watching (possibly innocent) people’s lives being moulded into must-watch TV. But I must confess, it was with great glee that I discovered that Season 2 of Selling Sunset (2020) was being streamed on the telly. If you are now completely lost and you don’t know what I’m about to gittering about, click HERE for Season 1 if you want a recap.

This was good news, as I’d tried and failed to get into the Real Housewives series. This series seems really dull in comparison to this show with those feuding realtors. I watched part of Season 1, Episode 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills (2010-) and (spoiler alert) it’s now uncomfortable to watch.

Despite the presence of two constantly fighting, one time (bit) acting sisters are now reality “stars”. This series now feels a bit like watching an accident about to happen and not being able to stop it. This is especially after you learn about one housewife who raved way too much about her wonderful TV actor husband and their joint business is now divorced from him.

Back to this review, the Selling Sunset series tells of the Californian Oppenheim Real Estate company. The business is run by twin brothers (their mother must be so proud or totally embarrassed) Jason and Brett Oppenheim. Brett and Jason look kind of like the Mitchell Bros from Eastenders – but only from the neck up and from behind – and are always dwarfed by their all-girl realtor team in (and probably out of) their killer heels.

There are no distinguishing differences between the twins. But 99 times out of a hundred it’s Jason taking centre stage, not that it matters. This show is all about the women the pair employ, allegedly to work. The women spend most  (read 99.9%) of the time at work gossiping (read bitching) with each other about each other.

It seems this time around, Selling Sunset has much more to offer… Since we last saw them the girls have fallen into two more obvious cliques and these groups are headed by Mary and Christine. It’s like watching Brett and Jason’s Civil War, but more women and more verbal (and so far no physical) catfights. All the girls are armed with information on the others that they may use against each other when inappropriate.

This season has Mary, one of these clique leaders organising their wedding and Christine her engagement party. These opportunities for this gaggle of harpies are the perfect time and place to either confront your colleague while she celebrates her big day, or fall out with a colleague and have a meaningful talk on the state of pre-pandemic Californian real estate. So it’s an (unsaid) battle of the babes.

These each have many must watch criteria, Mary’s upcoming wedding to her French toyboy and Christine’s engagement party to her loaded with a capital L fiance. It seems compulsory (and is probably written in their Netflix contracts) that all the girls in the Oppenheim office must attend these out of office gatherings. They even have to sit and eat together in a group, and they do. Their appearance is like vultures on a dead, decomposing corpse (well that went dark).

Season 2, however, has impending dramatic confrontations circling around the wedding of the year (sorry Christine) between Mary and Romain. At the beginning of season 2, Mary still hasn’t booked a venue, sorted out a wedding frock or told her colleague, Davina, she can’t come. But she has had time to tell everyone else that Davina isn’t getting that invite.

Romain – for added drama –  has told her and everyone else – that he doesn’t want Mary’s colleague Davina at their wedding (after hearing her comments around him in the last season). Christine – because for her it’s all about the drama – makes no secret of it telling Davina this news before Mary can. This ongoing feud even takes centre stage at Christine’s engagement party. Surprisingly, Christine still takes centre stage, despite this ongoing animosity.

Romain also doesn’t want to get married at Mary’s ex’s (current boss Jason) pad but does seem happy (?resigned) to have him as part of the wedding party. The venue of his wedding is instead in a house Mary hopes to sell, and she’s so dedicated to her job that she even shows a potential buyer around the property hours before she takes her vows.

Christine, the Queen Bee and self-confessed bitch has also somehow found herself a very rich fiance in the gap between these seasons. This was surprising news to everyone (and probably even Christine) as at the end of season 1 the team were concerned that Mary and her fiance Romain were going far too quickly (in their quest to be the first Selling Sunset wedding).

Christine makes her entrance in Season 2, as only she can as she totters out of her fiance’s private plane in super high heels. Then she slides into a Rolls Royce next to her fiance. She has a diamond on her engagement ring so huge she could use it to cut glass or faces (if she needed to). She says she’s “ready to dominate the market” (read take over this TV Show).

She swans back into the Oppenheim office prattling to anyone who isn’t gazing into their phone about their round the world trip – that took in three countries – and immediately starts planning her engagement party.

This party (of course) has to be one to upstage Mary’s impending hen night and wedding combined. To be fair she does do just that, but only as Mary’s hen night had her party join her fiance, ex-boyfriend Jason and his twin brother in Romain’s stag night. Christine has a circus troupe including acrobats and fire eaters.

Christine is at her peak bitchiness for much of this season, with her hair extensions growing rapidly from episode to episode. Now she could now surely be entered into the hair swinging Olympics for the USA. This, however, is her casual way of hearing all the gossip, then pouncing like a cat on those juicy details and then stirring things. But with a different – usually neon or scarlet – outfit for every scene.

We also get to see Mary’s hen night .. TBH I don’t remember much apart from all the women going gaa gaa over the phallic-looking straws. Also Heather takes this chance to tell Christine that Mary and Chrishell have been bitching about her and her fiance, Christian.

Christine and Christian’s engagement party is inevitably over the top with a red theme, fire and zebras. As you do, when you’ve too much money to spend and red is obviously your favourite colour (after neon green).

In other news, there are a few houses to plug, that look more like unlived in show homes. The houses look so austere and unfriendly. Chrishell has the scoop of selling the house of an unknown celebrity client. So if you get really bored you can play Through The Keyhole (1987-2019).

Also, a one-time friend of Jason and Mary about a (Romain) lifetime ago, interior designer and now realtor Amanza has joined this all-girl team. She’s annoyed Davina without even trying and Heather by being trying. Amanza is now Mary’s new BFF and therefore gets invites to help her choose wedding frocks

It really isn’t Davina’s season as she wants to promote a Michael Winner dress-a-like’s 80 million dollar house (with the kind of commission you could retire on). But the Oppenheim brothers fear it won’t sell, but she’s so confident she’ll even sell it herself. This could end badly for someone, but sadly this story will continue in season 3 before you take a bet if it sells.

Heather’s got a new bloke, a divorcee who has kids. He also works in reality TV and in real estate, so possibly a spin-off idea is being formed in at least one executive head as I write. This will possibly be solving real-life murders they discover during their now combined working life as a kind of Hart to Hart crossed with Unsolved Mysteries type real estate show. But more likely not.

Heather seems even more than loved up as she was last season, that was until the boyfriend talked real estate with the Oppenheims. She attended this chat most of which appeared to go over her head. This you’d think near on impossible as she also likes those difficult to walk in heels. She’s also finding the time to fall out with a few colleagues, especially Amanza.

Maya is cooing over baby no 1 and talking about the “joys” of childbirth and child-rearing. In some quick work, she says she’s due another baby and announces this by the end of the series. She’s, therefore, avoided drinking and therefore has a small role in its televised repercussions.

Chrishell seems pretty low key this season, apart from a few confrontations with her nemesis Christine. But it seems she will be more prominent in the third season. Yes, it’s an emphasis on love this time around, this season-ending with Mary and Romain’s wedding and the cliques near showdown at the wedding reception. This theme of love sadly doesn’t continue for everyone into Season 3. The end of the season ends with the season three tell-all trailer.

This third series is also already available here, so tune in for the inevitable review of this season where it seems Chrishell’s marriage, and then her unexpected divorce is the topic of the day. This story may possibly lead to a real-life reconciliation with her actor husband in time for season 4, with their second wedding. Unless Heather beats her up the aisle.

But until then, I’m asking those Netflix editors to be kind to Chrishell… As in Season 3, guess who’s getting married complete with Gothic theme, black frock and snow machine. This wedding may even have tigers as provided by the Tiger King himself, for this particular drama queen of the wee screen.


Weeper Rating:   😦 😦 😦 😦😦 😦 /10

Handsqueeze Rating🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂🙂 🙂 🙂10

Hulk Rating: ‎ ‎mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen /10


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