NEWS… Announcing the Home Sweet Home Blogathon



Come and join the fun in 2021… 


Love you to join this blogathon on all things home and family.


Top 10 Dysfunctional Movie Families,


In 2020, all was pretty quiet on my blogathon front with my last one celebrated in March this year. Behind the scenes here, I’ve recently been talking to some lovely bloggers and this is the first of my joint blogathons, with another two (so far) in the pipeline. Today, I’m more than happy to announce that I’ve (finally) joined forces with the lovely Rebecca from Taking Up Room for our first joint blogathon. 

As you will all know since the beginning of the year, things have been a wee bit crazy in the world. Hopefully, now things are slowly getting back to some kind of normal. What better way to celebrate this than with just two of those things that have been so important to us this last year, Home and Family.

So I’m now inviting you to the Home Sweet Home blogathon. This means we’d like your reviews on families – both on and off-screen – and homes in every and any way. The films can be from any year or any genre… and it all kicks off in January for three days from the 27th to the 29th of January 2021.


The Rules…

  • You can review ANY films, TV Movies or TV series.
  • We are not allowing any duplicates as this topic is pretty huge. You can however write about those review topics previously mentioned, but only if they are in a list or retrospective review.
  • Review choices can be added as a comment on this page or you can contact me on my Contact Me page  – please add the name of your blog along with your choice of movie or TV choice. Or you can contact Rebecca at Taking Up Room HERE…
  • We won’t accept posts that are uncomplimentary or disrespectful.
  • You can only submit two posts for the blogathon.
  • Add your Twitter username so we can promote your post.
  • A full list of blogs and review choices will be posted on a separate page and updated regularly.
  • Only original and never before published posts will be accepted.
  • Send the link to your post link to Rebecca or me on the days of the blogathon.
  • Note we will be publishing all the links on both my WordPress blog and Rebecca’s on each day of the blogathon, this may be on different days due to those different time zones! But your link will be published on both of our blogs.
  • We are not accepting derogatory posts.


If you are writing about family…

  • The family members must be in either a film or TV show but where the family or at least two members of the family are central to the plot eg The Shining (1980) or Prime TV Soaps Dallas (1978-91) and Dynasty (1981-89).
  • If you are writing about an off-screen family you can review a film or TV Show that has two or more members of this acting family in the cast (they don’t have to be but can be related in the film. Examples include… Tiger Bay (1959) has the father and daughter appearance of John Mills and Hayley Mills and On Golden Pond (1981) has Jane Fonda and Henry Fonda.
  • Or as my co-host suggests ” anything to do with family, whether won, lost, or changed”
  • Off-screen married couples are also allowed even if they are now divorced or separated.. but if you do mention their divorce, please be respectful to both of them or your post will not be accepted. Examples include Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott in The Legacy (1978).
  • Other ideas and sites… films about family HERE and children who’ve acted with their parents HERE.


If you are writing about houses or homes…

  • The house theme or home theme must be central to the plot. Examples include This House Possessed (1981) or Home for the Holidays (1972). It can involve people or others such as Watership Down (1978)
  • Or you can write about your dream or about your favourite movie houses or as my co-host adds “Finding a home, losing a home, going home”. Anything to do with home… 
  • Other ideas and sites…  film and TV movies about houses list HERE  and iconic film and TV houses HERE


Our review choices are…

Taking Up Room…  Far and Away (1992) (Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman) and Pieces of April (2003)

Realweegiemidget Reviews… Heartburn (1986)


Remember we are not accepting duplicates and a full list of participants and their topics will be added to my who’s doing what page HERE. Finally, add one of these lovely banners (as made by Rebecca) to your blog…







There really is no place like our blogathon, so sign up fast as when a choice is gone, it’s gone…


54 thoughts on “NEWS… Announcing the Home Sweet Home Blogathon

  1. Love this idea. Put me down for the 1971 John Wayne flick “Big Jake.” Not only is Wayne rescuing his grandson from kidnappers, but two of his “sons” in the movie are actually his sons. Seems perfect for this!

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  2. Lovely!! Thanks for tweeting about this, which made me open my own Blog after ages!! As you know Year 2020, I’ve only posted two Blog posts, so far!! So hard for me to commit, at the moment!! But do put me down tentatively for a Bollywood Movie!! There few fancy Split level houses from 60’s & 70’s Hindi Films that come to mind; but 1st of all I’ll have to see if I can find those movies!!! And then I have to clear my cluttered mind from distractions to be to concentrate of working on a Blog Post!!

    Thank you Gill 🙏🏽 ❤ 🤎

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  3. I would like to contribute an article on Lark Rise to Candleford — about a young woman who leaves her home (a small community) to live a few miles away with her cousin Dorcas, who runs the post office, and the family dynamics encountered therein.

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