A wee bonus post for the Home Sweet Home Blogathon


The final of the final posts for the blogathon…


Latecomers or have a different time zone, here’s your shining moment.



Tonight we have a bonus post as we’ve another bumper bunch of blog posts for the final of the final days. It seems that my Finnish time zone truly sucks. These posts appearing late last night or in the wee small hours means that your well-deserved promotion comes today. I’ve also spotted a few posts I missed and if this is you I’m sorry I missed your post in this much tweeted about and commented on blogathon.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the 38 bloggers who joined in this blogathon. I’ve read and commented on all your posts and I really enjoyed your passionate reviews. Also some of these films I’ve added to my to watch or to watch and review list. I’ve woken up to some wonderful discussions about your posts on Social Media, I’m just sorry that I missed joining in these. And another big thanks to my co-host, Rebecca of Taking Up Room for her sterling support and for holding the fort after I crashed out.

This post also is kind of a recap post, but as I’ve been kinda recapping the posts every day but here’s what you missed on Day 3. Day 3 brought us horror, international films, family films, documentaries and comedies. We also hung out with Jessica Fletcher in her kitchen for some tasty food and visited Grey Gardens in both a film and in reality. Stars included Christopher Walken, Bette Davis, Anna Paquin, Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear. We’ve met sisters, huge extended families, gothic lovers, illicit relationships and long lost kids.

And you can read up all those fabulous entries here from the last few days…

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Now on with these the last of those entries…

Ruth from Silver Screenings tells us about The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)…

The Magnificent Ambersons


Michael from Maniacs and Monsters adds his thoughts on Crimson Peak (2015)…

Crimson Peak


Stabford Deathrage joins the fun with The Amityville Horror (1979)…

The Amityville Horror


Thoughts All Sorts adds her thoughts of all sorts on Home from the Hill (1960)…

Home from the Hill


Acting Funny tells us about a husband and wife acting team,  George Albert and Laura Bayley Smith

George Albert and Laura Bayley Smith


A Scunner Darkly takes us to Scotland and The Crow Road (1996)…

The Crow Road


Andrew from Maniacs and Monsters takes us on a visit to The Lodge (2019)…

The Lodge


Hamlette’s Soliloquy takes us back to when Mr Hobbs Takes a Vacation (1962)…

Mr Hobbs Takes a Vacation


Erin at Cinematic Scribblings adds her post about Thursday (1964)…



Kayla from Whimsically Classic takes us back to A Summer Place (1959)

A Summer Place (1959)


Finally, Tiffany from The Pure Entertainment Preservation Society adds their post on the Cagney siblings and The Time of Your Life (1948)…

The Time of Your Life

And finally, if you have the time and inclination do sign up here for my Joan Collins blogathon in March by clicking HERE… you’ll be glad you did!



Acting Funny…  Films with George and Lauren Smith


Tiffany from the Pure Entertainment Preservation Society… The Time of Your Life (1948), which stars siblings James and Jeanne Cagney and was produced by their brother William Cagney and The Thin Man Goes Home (1945).

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