BLOGATHON… The last day of the Joan Collins Blogathon


The final reviews featuring Joan Collins…


Putting this talented British actress in the spotlight for the final post with more of her films and TV roles.



It’s the last day of the Joan Collins blogathon today, and over the last few days, we have had 11 wonderful entries from Joan’s career. Joan has been reviewed in a wide variety of her films and TV from her career to date these including her roles in horror, comedies and westerns.

Joan Collins has starred alongside some wonderful costars, including actors Christopher Lee, Tom Ellis, David Wayne and Peter Cushing. Actresses including Elizabeth Taylor, Caroline Munro, Judy Geeson and Priscilla Barnes. Not forgetting Batman and Robin… Joan’s co-stars in today’s posts include Gregory Peck and Gene Kelly (so far).

I would like to take this time to now thank those who have joined this blogathon with their fantastic posts about this actresses career. It’s been a joy to read your posts and I have added quite a few films to the never-ending to watch list. Here are the links to Day 1 and Day 2 of the blogathon and I urge you to check out all these amazing posts.

Now on with the final day, and I will be adding posts as they come in… Now on with the show…


Dubsism adds his alternative spin on The Bravados (1958) …


K Sturton tells us about Joan in the TV mini-series Sins (1986)…


Cinematic Catharsis shares his thoughts on Tales that Witness Madness (1973)…


and A Shroud of Thoughts adds his post on Star Trek (1967), The City on the Edge of Forever S1 Ep28


And tune in later as I will be adding posts as I get them and later this month a new blogathon will be announced…

12 thoughts on “BLOGATHON… The last day of the Joan Collins Blogathon

  1. “Alternative?” So now I’m just some crap 90s pop band like Oasis? Well, at least they were sports fans 🙂

    Piss-letting aside, thanks for hosting another great event! You’re my “Wonder Wall!”

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