BLOGATHON… The Joan Collins Blogathon is Back For One More Day


These are the last of the posts for this blogathon…


And there are more Joan Collins posts from you lovely lot.



Its the final day (again) for the Joan Collins blogathon as this time the Finnish time zone means 3 more entries to read (so far). These appearing during the wee small hours of this morning. So you lucky lovely lot it means that we have one more blogathon post with the leading lady, Joan Collins. This actress with the most random filmography in the best way. 

She has been joined on screen by some surprising co-characters such as a tree (in the days before Groot, unless you know different Marvel fans), giant ants, Santa Claus, a man from a parallel world, Batman, Robin and a lot of toy boys. Her characters have made us laugh, sob and gasp at her antics as Alexis and many, many more, in everything from soap operas to adverts, and horrors to sci-fi in her prolific career. 

Over the last three days and today’s some fabulous bloggers have tributed her in 16 of her films and TV… and just the one duplicate! (But both writing unique posts – is that better Dubs??) . So once you have read today’s fabulous entries check out these earlier posts… and tune in towards the end of the month for a blogathon announcement… 


Critica Retro tells us about Joan in Island in the Sun (1957)…


18 Cinema Lane shares her thoughts on Joan in a TV Movie Making of a Male Model (1983)…


and Diary of a Movie Maniac adds a post all about Turn the Key Softly (1953)…


And remember I will be adding posts as I get them and read more by clicking Day 1 HERE,  Day 2 HERE and HERE for Day 3…

Love your thoughts... but only if they are spoiler free!

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