BLOGATHON… Its Day 3 of the Christopher Lee Blogathon


It’s Day 3 over here in Finland and it should have been the last day celebrating Christopher Lee in our blogathon…


But it’s not!



Today is the third day of Christopher Lee’s wee shindig, and we’ve even more lovely posts for you. So join us for the second last day, as my lovely co-host and I are adding our “bonus day” to the blogathon because after all Christopher Lee does deserve an encore… doesn’t he?

Over the last couple of days, we’ve had 26 films and television roles from 17 bloggers with one blogger contributing a list of 10 of his appearances… apologies if the maths is a bit off as I’ve just woken up.

We’ve had Christopher Lee in a wide range of his movies and these also do not include horror. As it seems that you are all saving yourselves for the third outing for the Hammer and Amicus blogathon, which is happening later this year. After our wee break last year, Barry and I will be returning with this one and completing our double bill of blogathons.

So anyway onto today’s lovely bunch… as you aren’t here to read my random gitterings…


Heading the bill today is my fabulous co-host Barry from Cinematic Catharsis with The Pirates of Blood River (1962)…


Next up is Andrew from Maniacs and Monsters with a post that came in in the wee small hours with 1985’s Howling II: Your Sister is…a Werewolf?


The Craggus adds his musings on Gremlins 2 (1990)…


Michael from Maniacs and Monsters makes it a double bill from this site with The Man Who Could Cheat Death (1959)…


Dubsism joins in the party with 1941 (1979)…


And tune in as I will be adding posts as I get them and remember to check out the posts here for Day 1 and there for Day 2

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