BLOGATHON… Possibly the last of the 3rd Hammer and Amicus Blogathon entries!!!


All things come to a conclusion, of sorts…


It’s the last but probably not the least of those fabulous Hammer and Amicus tributes.



I’m sad to say, that this is the last day of the Third Hammer and Amicus blogathon over here in cold and damp Finland. But the good news is that Barry is still in a – probably much hotter – different and much earlier time zone so these posts below, I can 100% promise won’t be the last of the posts for this blogathon. And tune in to Day 1 and Day 2 to those entries so far…

Over the last three days, we’ve had some terrific 20 entries, and if you are still keen to read more I urge you to go back in time to those Hammer and Amicus blogathons for Year 1 and Year 2. In these two blogathons there are many more from those production houses… and you might find a few familiar names tributing something completely different and some then new writers joining the fun.

I’d like to thank my always wonderful co-host Barry and those bloggers for those wonderful reviews so far. I’ve loved reading all your wonderful entries and as always, I’ve added more than a few more to my to watch pile, which as always is getting taller and taller. In fact, it’s probably taller than me now… I’m also urging you all to return for my final blogathon this year, which will be announced in about a week.

A special thanks to Barry, for choosing this topic all those years ago. Hammer and Amicus productions have such a fabulous variety of films. And I’ve discovered or re-remembered more than a few over the years. Also for his sterling support and friendship since way before we started on our double-bill of blogathon tributes, I’m so honoured that you’ve joined me again and again as we’ve continued to tribute so many great names in film. And Barry is teaming up with me next year too, with one blogathon already decided on and another topic unchosen.

I’d also like to thank you fabulous bloggers, for your wonderful posts and for your comments supporting myself and others during the blogathon. I’ve read all the posts so far and noticed quite a lot of you as I add a comment. It’s always lovely to see the discussion on social media during blogathons too.

Don’t worry if you are running late, just drop me a message so as I know when to expect your post. And do remember I am 10 hours ahead of Barry timezone wise, so chances are there will be an extra post tomorrow…

And now onto those final (?) entries…

Speakeasy joins us with another non-horror movie with her post on Blackout / Murder by Proxy (1954)…


It’s About TV takes on Doctor Who in the movies, with a double bill of Dr Who and the Daleks (1965) and Daleks’ Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. (1966)…


Classic Film and TV Cafe shares his views on When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1970)…

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