It’s Realweegiemidget’s Six Years, One Month and More in Entertainment Blogging Post!!!!

Entering my sixth year of blogging about films, TV and more…


Come and join my wee belated blogging birthday party.


DALLAS Miniseries the Disco Scene, MsTexas73

So just over six years and one month ago, after some gentle encouragement, I finally started my blog on all things entertainment. And so far it’s been an amazing journey and I would like to thank every one of you who has supported me along the way.

This last year has been particularly amazing with me joining both the Online Association of Female Film Critics and Women’s Film Critics Circle This means I can vote for their awards and it feels super daunting but exciting to know I have a small say in these awards. I feel honoured to be involved with these groups.

I also joined a couple of book review places meaning I have an option of reviewing some fabulous reads in entertainment, before they have been published. But I do promise will be reviewing some from my personal to read pile this coming year so watch out for my reviews for books by actresses Lee Grant and Linda Gray, and actors such as Andrew McCarthy and Rob Lowe (and more).

I also have had contact with some lovely authors, directors and others who have approached me to review their work in my promotion posts. And I approached a few entertainment names to review more personal post choices in a new series for this blog. These posts started HERE with a post for lovely Valerie Perrine. All of these reviews have been an honour to write and do contact me here if you’d like me to do this for you, and I’ll get back to you.

And now here are my stats from October 22nd 2020 – October 24th 2021…


And now for the thanks bit, where I’d firstly like to thank my marvellous mum and Darlin Husband for vetting my posts, those of you who have sent me your book, film, TV show to review, blogathon co-hosts and participants and for ALL you lovely commenters, likers, followers and interviewees. You who in your small ways with as a follow, a read or a like and a retweet, encourage me to write when I’ve writer’s block.

And for every one of you who’ve read this blog this year, it seems I’ve a record amount of yearly readers …  Also just over a week ago also I beat my daily views with 850 of you visiting my blog in just one day. This tribute was my remembrance post for the fabulous Blue Peters Christopher Wenner aka Max Stahl going viral (this post is HERE).



I’m still in awe that I’m still writing blog posts after 6 years and this is my third longest hobby after watching films, Blue Peter, Dallas. And a big thanks for sharing this trip in the ups and downs of this rollercoaster entertainment ride into the known and unknown.

19 thoughts on “It’s Realweegiemidget’s Six Years, One Month and More in Entertainment Blogging Post!!!!

    • Thanks, you’ve made my day especially with that Scottish reference! And thanks as always for your supportive comments, so glad that a you added that random Noel Edmonds reference as I wouldn’t have discovered your blog too and met a fellow Scot who has the same film preferences. Good to know re the stats, as I didn’t know if these good, bad or ugly!


  1. Happy six years, Gill! Sounds like exciting things are happening for you this year. Congrats, and here’s to many, many more wonderful years! 🙂

    P. S. I appreciate the invite to your upcoming blogathon! I’ll let you know if I am able to participate after I get some things cleared off my plate.

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  2. Happy Belated Blogversary!!!!! 🎉🎊
    AND Congratulations!!! 🥳
    You are a part of many a communities, Film Critics, Book Reviewers!! Amazing, all the best!!
    Considering this post is about your 6years+1month anniversary as a Blogger, will we see one soon, when you complete 6years&6months?? 🤠✨

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