NEWS… More Wilhelm Screams to Be Heard in the Final Day



Check out those entries for the final day of this blogathon…


Here are more blogathon entries with films and TV featuring the Wilhelm Scream sound effect.



Day 3 of the blogathon brings some more fantastic posts to the blogathon after I doubled up my post for Days 1 and 2. So if you haven’t discovered these already remember to check out those earlier posts after reading today’s lovely entries.

I’d like to thank all the bloggers who have taken part in this blogathon and for your terrific entries with all kinds of genres and movies. And for noticing those Wilhelm Screams – I got so into the romance of my film, I forgot to look out for it.. but hey, it gives me an excuse to wallow in the romance of Always (1989), at least one more time.

I have really enjoyed reading all your posts and please tell me if I didn’t comment on your review so I can rectify that… after checking the spam folder.

If this has whetted your appetite to join another blogathon, then do keep your eyes peeled as I have another announcement coming soon with my twice-yearly blogging partner who features in this blogathon… but is running a wee bit late with their entry, so keep an eye out if you keen to know who it is.. and I’ve another announcement for a joint blogathon in a couple of months.

I urge you to read those earlier posts as I have, and I can tell you there are some wonderful entries about these movies… which include Them! (1954) and TV shows such as Maverick in an episode from 1958.

Today is the final day… but remember I will make allowances for time zones… and if you are running late or have somehow forgotten the blogathon dates, then get in touch and tell me when to expect your entry…

Now onto the new entries for today…


Ruth from Silver Screenings shares her fabulous review on some huge killer ants and Wilhelm Screams aplenty in Them! (1954)…


Rebecca from Taking Up Room tells us more about Win A Date With Tad Hamilton (2004)…

Tune in regularly as I’ll be updating with posts as I get them… and here is the link again for The first two days...



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