About Realweegiemidget’s Seven Years in Entertainment Blogging!!!


Take  2557 days, 61,368 hours or 220,924,800 seconds away from today…


Guess who has been gittering for nearly 1000 posts with 230 mentions of Dallas in her reviews?




It’s now 7 years of Realweegiemidget Reviews, which feels like quite a milestone.. and so I am going all Sally Field once again. I have written 964 posts in that time and started and not finished 105 more. As it’s an anniversary post, it means stat time.. and this still sort of includes Jason Statham who figured in 26 reviews…


Now… I would as always like to thank the following for their support… My mum, just for being her and also my Darlin Husband for being him. Thanks to you both for recommending most of the films I have written about or are on my to do list. This list is so lengthy that I have already the allotted 12 and some spares for next year’s Cinema Shame.

Also thanks to both of you, for supporting me in my quest to find a pop culture/ film/ tv paid writing gig this year. For this quest, I also am giving shout-outs to the inspiring Kristen from Kristen R Winiarski and Eddie from Film Authority for sharing their insider knowledge… Thanks to Brian from Old School Evil for encouraging me to continue with my still upcoming novel. I am about to start chapter 5… and still toying with that other book idea, Jenny from Silver Screen Suppers!

Also a huge thanks to my blogathon co-hosts… Gabriela from Pale Writer, Rebecca from Taking Up Room and Barry from Cinematic Catharsis for putting up with my endless review changes and sometimes crazy looking banners. My inspirational blogging friends, please note only a few are mentioned here.. Chris from Angelman’s Place, Ken from Le Cinema Dreams, Ruth from Silver Screenings, Paul S from Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies and Eric from Diary of a Movie Maniac.

Also to Vinnieh, my first friend in the film blogging universe. Ari from The Classic Movie Muse for introducing me to the man behind the music I adore aka Bernard Herrmann, and all of you for your fab reads… and another yay to John from The JHL Collective for his best fiction read of the year with his book, Haunting Sturgeons… and Jenny from Silver Screen Suppers and Peter from Vincent Price Legacy UK for inviting me to their great book launches.

Thanks also to those lovely filmmakers including Judy Jarvis (Matheson), Chris Watt, Valerie Perrine and Stacey Souther and authors who I have collaborated with in tweets and interviews. Also to those, I will be collaborating with in the future.. and moving swiftly on as I don’t want to say who is next on my interview list.. but I will add I am super excited and please if I did tell you don’t say anything… and if you want a clue let’s say its a dream come true.

I have had a busy year with not just blogathons. I am writing for The Dark Pages, in 2 collaborations with Return to the 80s, INSP and with many returning filmmakers and authors. I want to also thank all my lovely followers old and new.. and those who gave me more inspiration. This includes those of you who don’t have a blog, those of you with some great movie challenges and those of you if who liked retweeted, commented on or shared my posts.

Now, what is happening in year 8..? Firstly, that interview unless it happens this year, more blogathons with my blogging pals, more Cinema Shame posts and more random social media posts. I am also throwing out a few plugs of my own.. for both those blogathons below.



But until we celebrate my 8 years of blogging, watch this space.. but don’t go square-eyed!

Love Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews xxx

PS So finally and as part of my celebrations, I am inviting you to ask me anything.. with a wee shameless plug for your blog added or Twitter handle – if you don’t blog – will be added. And please keep it professional… and your question(s) will be answered in a future post.


31 thoughts on “About Realweegiemidget’s Seven Years in Entertainment Blogging!!!

  1. Congratulations on your 7-year anniversary and that amazing number of posts — here’s to many more! Your enthusiasm and love of film is contagious! Looking forward to meeting up again in a few days — it’s almost Pleasence time! 🙂

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  2. Congratulations on 7 years of blogging, Gill and thanks for the shout out with Haunting Sturgeons!

    My question is..

    Which is your favorite decade of film to blog about?

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