BLOGATHON… Even More Muppets Guest Stars and Brill Blogathoners Join Day 2


It’s time to light the lights…


Join us and the Muppets for more fabulous guest stars showing their acting talents here, there and everywhere.



Welcome to the second of three days as I and Taking Up Room celebrate those Muppet guest stars in all kinds of movies and TV. Today we have more of these guest stars in some fabulous review choices. These reviews I can promise will be written by some wonderful bloggers

These lovely bloggers both today and in the future will join those fabulous posts from yesterday. yesterday’s reviews included a film with both Christopher Reeve and Mark Hamill and another movie from Candice Bergen to name just two of those five guest stars. There are also further two reviews of firstly, a guest star who also joined the Muppets in one of their movies and a singer who brought his presence to this show. See if you can guess those last two unnamed guesses first… and CLICK HERE to read more…

Today I discovered a fabulous 4 more posts which now head today’s entries and if you click HERE you’ll see there are more to come. Do feel free to CLICK HERE if you have a review with those UNCHOSEN guest stars coming to your blog in the next few days, or if you have been inspired to join us for the rules and banners. Do remember that we are allowing duplicates of content but not guest stars…

And if you are running late, do tell us so we know that you are still planning on attending… Finally, if those Muppet Guest stars aren’t your thing pop back in February for another future Blogathon announcement which may be your thing…

Now on with those fabulous entries… and click on the BLUE title to find those reviews.


Andrew at The Stop Button brings Peter Ustinov to the blogathon and tells us when he starred in Hot Millions (1969).


Sally at 18 Cinema Lane ends her Muppet themed contributions with Big Bird starring in Follow That Bird (1985).


Le from Critica Retro joins the fun as she reminds us about Bob Hope when he starred in My Favorite Brunette (1947).


Kayla at Whimsically Classic shares a review with Florence Henderson starring in The Brady Bunch (1969-74).


My co-host Rebecca from Taking Up Room joins the blogathon with Valerie Harper in The Great Mom Swap (1995).


And there are more to come…

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