BLOGATHON… It’s the Final Act of the Muppet Show Guest Star Caper Tonight


It’s time to put on makeup…


The bad news is it’s the last few hours of the Blogathon in the Finnish time zone, but the good news as we have more fabulous posts to come.



Day 3 or the final day has arrived for the Muppets’ guest star blogathon with 9 reviews and even more guest stars (with one entry sporting two guest stars, that I know of) so far. This is officially the last day over here, but as you know the Finnish time zone doesn’t always signal the end of the blogathon. There are more posts expected due to those crazy time zones… and possibly at least one running late.

Over the last few days, Taking Up Room and I have had some wonderful posts about some fabulous guest stars in their film and TV roles that weren’t The Muppet Show.  I urge you to click on the links below to read all of the posts that have been entered so far…  and you will find there are so many treats that you will add to your to watch list.

Day 1

Day 2

There are still loads of guest stars that haven’t been chosen for the blogathon. So writers everywhere, if you have a film or TV review post coming out today or in the next few hours… Firstly check out the links to see if it does include a guest star from The Muppet Show  (with links HERE), then check the Who’s Doing What Page HERE and then get in touch with me or Rebecca at Taking Up Room if the guest star hasn’t been chosen… remember duplicates of films and TV are allowed, and then once it’s been oked by us, send me or my co-host your link.

Or if you want to join a future blogathon, tune in later this week for another blogathon announcement…

Now onto today’s entries…


Rachel from Hamlette’s Soliloquy tells us about when Gene Kelly starred in An American in Paris (1951)…



Eric at Diary of A Movie Maniac brings us Murder by Death (1976) starring three guest stars, Peter Sellers, Nancy Walker and James Coco


And tune in as there are more posts expected and I’ll add them as I get them…



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