BLOGATHON… Announcing an Upcoming Blogathon, The Futurethon


I can see in the near future, a shed load of future-themed reviews for a blogathon…


One of two blogathons for 2023 with my past, present and future collaborator, Barry from Cinematic Catharsis.


Top 10 Movie Depictions of the Future,


It’s come around again with yet another blogathon for you lovely bloggers. This blogathon however is not starting until the end of April, so you have plenty of time to choose and write your review. The topic is the future, as we know it through film and TV, as seen in visions from directors and scriptwriters and as seen in actors’ and actresses’ performances on screen. And this is the first of two blogathons with my blogging pal, Barry from Cinematic Catharsis for this year.

Entries can be from a film from the past with a vision of the then future (and these include even if the date the film is set in is now passed) eg Demolition Man (1993) or Escape from New York (1981). Or the future still to come eg Doctor Who (1963)…  This topic can also include time travel but only into the future or more dystopian in nature such as 12 Monkeys (1996) and post-apocalyptic movies such as Mad Max (1979). Films in these categories include Blade Runner (1982), Dune (2021) and Silent Running (1972).

The future as seen in film and TV can include fanciful in the Jetsons TV Series (1962-87). Future based films can even include disaster movies such as 2012 which was made in 2009, romance such as Premonition (2007) or sci-fi including AI: Artificial Intelligence (2001). Or even horror such as Dracula 3000 (2004).

Time Travel films which go forward in time include Jack the Ripper travelling to the then future of the 1970s in Time After Time (1979). Or when Marty McFly took a trip to the future in Back to the Future 2 (1989). You can even feature a post on 1970s dystopian film or those times Charlton Heston went to the future in Planet of the Apes (1969), The Omega Man (1971) and Soylent Green (1973). The choice is yours.

Please note we are not allowing films set during two different times unless it involves time travel for this blogathon. Therefore choices exclude films with those scenes playing x years / minutes / days later and biopics. But if you have any queries about the suitability of your topic, please contact both of us before writing your review.

This blogathon will begin on the 28th of April and ends on the 30th of April 2023 and we are allowing no duplicates.


Here are the rules…

  • We are not allowing any duplicates as this topic is pretty huge.
  • Review choices must be added to both of our sites.
  • We won’t accept posts that are uncomplimentary or disrespectful.
  • You can only add two posts for the blogathon.
  • Add your Twitter username so we can promote your post.
  • A full list of blogs and review choices will be posted on a separate page and updated regularly.
  • Only original and never before published posts will be accepted.
  • Send the link to your post link to Barry or me on the days of the blogathon.
  • Note we will be publishing all the links on both my WordPress blog and on Barry’s site on each day of the blogathon, this may be on different days due to those different time zones! But your link will be published on both of our blogs.
  • We are not accepting derogatory posts.
  • Do give a second choice of a film or TV Show if you have one, just in case your choice is taken.. and add your choice to both our blogs. Timing is crucial…


My and Barry’s choices…

Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews… The TV Pilot for Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979)

Barry at Cinematic Catharsis… Logan’s Run (1976)


Important links…

Information about TV that is set in the future is HERE and films are HERE. Time travel choices of all sorts can be found HERE.

The Who’s Doing What page is HERE


The fantastically futuristic banners are here, and were made by my fabulous co-host…





And remember to add your choice to both our blogs… and see you in the near future, unless we see you first.

25 thoughts on “BLOGATHON… Announcing an Upcoming Blogathon, The Futurethon

  1. Hi Gill! This gives me the perfect opportunity to write about the film that inspired the name for my blog — Beyond the Time Barrier (1960), where a test pilot is propelled through a time warp to the dystopian future of… 2024!

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