TV… Falcon Crest (1981-90), In His Father’s House, Se1 Ep1

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Robert Foxworth flies in into a prime time soap pilot role…


But after his life switches direction, will it be a case of sour grapes from the former US president’s ex-wife, Jane Wyman in her kindly auntie but really villainess finery and vinery role?



Weeper Rating 😦 😦  /10

Handsqueeze Rating 🙂 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂/10

Hulk Rating: ‎  ‎ ‎mrgreen ‎mrgreen ‎ ‎mrgreen ‎mrgreen ‎  /10


The 9th Annual Favourite Episode Blogathon 2023, No 6

This review was added to A Shroud of Thoughts 9th Annual TV Show Episode Blogathon. Other reviews with this cast include Abby Dalton in Hotel, Murder She Wrote and The Love Boat. Jamie Rose in Hotel and Fantasy Island. Jane Wyman in Charlie’s Angels and The Love Boat. Lorenzo Lamas in Grease and Hotel. Margaret Ladd in Hotel. Robert Foxworth in The Astral Factor, Columbo, Airport 77, The Devil’s Daughter and Omen II: Damien. Susan Sullivan in My Best Friends Wedding, The Incredible Hulk and McMillan and Wife. William R Moses in Mad Men, Fantasy Island and Glitter.


18 thoughts on “TV… Falcon Crest (1981-90), In His Father’s House, Se1 Ep1

  1. Falcon Crest was a sorta-favorite of mine, for a couple of weird reasons:
    – I’ll start with Margaret Ladd, whom you forgot to credit as Emma, the family blurter – the one who always made the awkward comment.
    Margaret Ladd reminded me of a girl I was fond of when I was in high school – for that reason.
    – Another cast member of note was Father Bob Curtis, who was Jane Wyman’s personal priest in real life.
    When it was decided to make the Channing/Gioberti family observant Catholics, Jane Wyman got the producers to give the family priest spot to her friend Father Bob, who stayed around for the whole run of the show.
    And how many soaps could say that they had an honest-to-God priest on the set?
    – For the rest, go to YouTube and check out the montage of nine years worth of Guest Stars: you managed to list most of them, but you missed a few – and the montage has a few surprises in store …

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  2. I remember the title Falcon Crest, but reading your post I’ve got absolutely no recollection of watching it. It certainly had a good run, and that list of guest stars is impressive.

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  3. That is quite a cast list indeed over the course of the series! I’ve never seen an episode, but one of my friends was a big fan. At one point I bought a bottle of novelty wine with the Falcon Crest label and brought it to a party, where I was the hero of the hour! 🙂

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  4. I think I preferred KNOTS LANDING to FALCON CREST but I know Robert Foxworth. Not sure I can picture him as JR Ewing, but then Larry Hagman owned that role so much—as I’m sure you’ll agree!

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  5. Nice review, Gill!
    I knew of falcon Crest, but I’ve never seen it. It doesn’t sound as intriguing as Dallas or as wildly entertaining as dynasty, but it sounds pretty good.
    I didn’t know John Saxon was ever in it and that recast sounds truly bizarre! Lol

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  6. A very fine post on Falcon Crest! I remember watching the show when it was first on. I know I enjoyed it, although I always preferred Dallas and Knot’s Landing. And it had a great cast. By then I was familiar with Jane Wyman from classic movies, and I knew Robert Foxworth from his many guest appearances on TV and, of course, Damien: Omen II. And then there are the many guest stars over the years. One thing I learned in the past few years that surprised me is that it was created by Earl Hamner Jr., the creator of The Waltons! Talk about two totally different shows… Anyway, thank you so much for taking part in the blogathon!

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