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A wee bit about me and my quick guide to where the reviews are found on the blog.


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ABOUT… About Me

All you need to know about me and Realweegiemidget Reviews!

Not a me, me, me kinda person so a short and sweet version of it all.

ABOUT… Follow Me

Here are a few ways to follow Realweegiemidget Reviews…

If you want to follow my blog I currently can be followed on social media pages.

ABOUT… Ratings

How I rate entertainment in my reviews…

Everything you need to know about Hulks, Handsqueezes, Weepers and Eye Candies.

ABOUT… My Memberships

About my memberships in film and television critics circles, book tour groups and more…

If you run a critic circle, group or society and would like me to join it please use the Contact Me page.

ABOUT… Testimonials

These are testimonials written about this blog and my reviews…

These are my testimonials from some of those I have interviewed or whose work I have reviewed.

ABOUT… Scottish Sayings

Defining to gitter and other useful Scottish words…

But only for this blog, for Outlander check out those subtitles!