About Me


All About Realweegiemidget Reviews and me!


Not a me, me, me kinda person so a short and sweet version of it all.


About me


Wee (about 5ft) Scottish lass, married just over five years (at time of update) – but together for a lot longer – to much taller, not much younger, English husband and living in Finland.  2 Star Wars loving stepdudes –  the supertall 16-year-old stepson and his not so “wee” 13-year-old brother – invade every second weekend,

Then we speak Finglish and eat anything but Finnish food in where the stepdudes affectionately call Little Britain. Will be gittering on – ie talking about – about entertainment with tales about Finland, Scotland, expat stepmother life, films, music, television programmes, books, Dallas (the original series), mental health and other random topics.

Speaking of random topics, credit where credit due, my Gravatar and WordPress blog icon is from Shannon McGee and can be found in Flickr here, it has not been altered. This picture is also found on my blog promotion sites on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. It’s called Movie Night W/Cina and it’s just purrfect (pun intended).

For the background picture, it’s a big thanks to my supertall wee sister, Hari MacMillan who photographed and organised her huge retro video collection. As a wee thanks, I have dedicated my review on International Velvet (1978) one of her favourite films to her. This combined with a cover pic as partly designed by Darlin Husband. Also a big thanks to one of my best girlfriends Toria, for her support and ideas, which helped me when writing this blog.

Realweegiemidget is my pseudonym as translates a “real little Glaswegian”. This Scottish phrase kinda sums me up really. Anyway, I’d like to say a big thanks to you for reading and possibly following this blog. I would love to read any feedback, comments and review suggestions you have.

And finally a superhuge thanks to my Darlin Husband for being my editor and main supporter when writing this blog.  I would like to point out he is Darlin’ without the G, and it’s not as a reference to those forum sites that talk about the DH.

It is however a homage to the great, late Larry Hagman who – on being cast as the man you love to hate, J.R. Ewing in Dallas – was called Darlin’ by Linda Gray – who was to be cast as his wife Sue Ellen  – on meeting her on their first day on the Dallas (1978-91) set.

Anyway, Darlin’, thank you for helping me with understanding all the computer stuff (such as knowing that Stats is not a motivational pop up of at shirtless Jason Statham when you finish a blog entry), random film facts, providing the tissues when I sob, stopping me from getting irritated and turning green at times and not minding getting your hand squeezed when I get scared. I love you now, today, always and tomorrow.


Gill at Realweegiemidget Reviews  


PS If you REALLY must know what I look like… here is me and the actor, David Warner.




18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I skip ahead when I read, it is a horrid habit that ruins everything, but I skipped to the end ish of this and read STAT Jason Statham shirtless and thought that you had a feature like, comment and see a hot pic of Jason pop-up? I re-read it and sadly, no, but continued to read closely… 😉 great blog, I dig it!

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