2016 Liebster Nominees S-Z


Answers from my Liebster Award Winners.


Read here for more about Silent D and me and scroll down for more on Vinnieh.


Silent D and me

The first of my 2016 Liebster Award winners to respond was Caroline Cassidy , writer of the fantastic Silent D and me blog. Her blog was written to encourage awareness of mental health issues.



Read more here..on her answers to my questions, or have a look at the post HERE or her blog HERE.  All screenshots from here, © Liebster Award Nominations.




The fifth to respond was Vinnieh, another film and television review blog who writes in a fun, humorous way especially when it comes to using gifs. You can find his blog if you CLICK HERE and his Liebster Post if  you CLICK HERE.

In reply to my Liebster Award Questions Vinnie gave these answers…as shown on his blog.




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