Scottish Sayings


Defining to gitter and other useful Scottish words…


But only for this blog, for Outlander, check out those subtitles!



Scottish Sayings!


So when you read my posts or pages, there may be a few random Scottish words that you don’t know. So before I launch into this blog, I promise I won’t sound like Spud’s famous interview in Trainspotting (1996) – as seen in the picture above.

Thought I would explain more about the definition of the verb “to gitter“ as you won’t find it in the urban dictionary. It’s a term I learnt from my Glaswegian mother, and most of my family use it to describe me and more or less since I met him, my Darlin Husband has used it too! (Thanks mum x).

It usually means I start talking about something I am passionate about,  in an overexcited way and go on and on and more and more random. It does get the point over eventually albeit in a long-winded way! Its opposite is “wee” which means little in Scottish such as wee Weegie which is a little person from Glasgow!

In my blog, you will probably notice despite gittering about films, I tend to waffle on i.e. digress and end up talking about the original TV Series of Dallas (1978-91). If you haven’t heard of the original Dallas starring legends such as Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray.. .shame on you. Unless you are considerably younger, then please ask your parents.

If you know about the newer one, Dallas 90210 2012 (2012-15) that’s a start. But if you read this blog from a start to finish you will know much, much more about the original one as my lifetime obsession I do tend to mention it.. once or twice (probably more but know my mother reads my blog and I don’t want to drive her crazy).

When I met my Darlin Husband I met him on a dating website, in the about me blurb I gittered.. for one lengthy paragraph about random subjects such as me, my niece and nephew, Truly Madly, Deeply, Homer Simpson, ‘Allo ‘Allo and the actors Ewan McGregor and George Clooney.  As things turned out, it was my randomness that swung it.

Anyway, I won’t gitter too much about what happened after this but luckily for me, he’s pretty random at times too and about 2½ years later we moved to Finland. and in 2015 we got married. So glad didn’t listen to my work colleague who told me not to gitter on our first date or I wouldn’t see him again…



2 thoughts on “Scottish Sayings

  1. I love to gitter too!! AND I LOVE Ewan McGregor !!!!! What a versatile actor!! I really enjoyed reading his book Long Way Round (back in 2008, while travelling, I got the book in Cairns, started reading the book in Magnetic Island in Australia, and finished it in Paris)

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