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I was part of the 80s League (now Banzai Retro Club) and wrote retro posts for the monthly blog post and podcast crossover.


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5 Fave 1980s Film and Telly Cars

80s League No 1

Strap yourself in for my Top 5 1980s Film and Telly, where the car’s the star.

If you had to pick 5 famous cars from the 1980s, which cars would drive you crazy (in a good way)… including a wee guest post.

5 Entertainment Innovations from the 1980s

80s League No 3

5 Inspirational Entertainment Eureka Moments from the Eighties

And now it’s back to the eighties, when entertainment brought us something completely different.

5 1980s Adored (From Afar) American Actors

80s League No 4

Confession Time, 5 of my 1980s Crushes.

For a belated Valentine’s Day offering, here’s a list of 5 lovely leading men who stole my teenage heart in the 1980s…

4 1980s James Spader Jerks

80s League No 5

James Spader, playing supervillains since the 1980s.

4 Nasty James Spader Roles as Douchebag, Drug Dealer, Yuppie, Vice President Rival.

5 Terrific 1980s TV Leads

80s League No 7

Leading the Show with 1980s Telly Actors and Actresses.

A wee list of some of my TV favourite leading stars, from the 1980s.

5 Hollywood Hitmakers from the 1980s

5 1980s Favourite Music Videos from Big and Wee Screen Stars.

My latest podcast and blog collaboration with the 80s League is on my most favourite music videos from the 1980s. These for me are reel record stars..

5 1980s Prime Time Soap Star Ads

80s League No 9

1980s Soap Stars Selling Anything Bar Soap.

Another soap opera related post featuring some of the Dallas and Dynasty’s lovely ladies inevitable fortray into 1980s advertising.