Behind the Camera


This page will have all biopics of and lists of reviews about work by those behind the scenes


Biopics of all those in the entertainment industry will be found here. Films or  TV credits due to on people working behind the scenes also listed.


Tributes for all, can be found on my remembering pages for those who have passed away since I commenced this blog.


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Ida Lupino Directed TV Tales with a Twist

Behind the Camera No 1

A 1960s TV Trio with a Wee Twist.

Looking at this famous Hollywood name – as not just an actress – in her director role for 1960s episodes of Bewitched, Thriller and The Twilight Zone.

Schlock He Directed : A Biopic of Ed Wood

Behind the Camera No 3

A Behind the Scenes Bromance for Wood and Lugosi.

This charming biopic tells of the director Ed Wood and his relationship with actor Bela Lugosi. In a review featuring three directors.

Hitchcock (2012)

Behind the Camera No 5

Hopkins takes on a Hitchcock Tribute

A look behind the scenes at a chapter in the life of Alfred Hitchcock and the making of Psycho from its conception to its cinematic release.

One Chance (2013)

Going Potty about Opera…

A biopic about Paul Potts, a Welshman with a big operatic dream who won the first series of Britain’s Got Talent.

Eddie the Eagle (2016)

Where Eagle flies, on a mountain high..

A feel good biopic of Eddie Edwards, the beloved British Olympic ski jumper who reached the pinnacle of his success in the 1988 Olympics.